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How to Make Strong Coffee in a Coffee Maker

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Updated February 12, 2023

If you want to know how to make strong coffee in a coffee maker, then keep reading. Coffee shops aren’t the only place you can find strong flavor. In fact, you can get the perfect brew in a coffee maker at home, and keep your coffee hot and ready to drink at any time, by programming your coffee maker so you’ll always get a strong, perfect coffee.


  • To make amazing strong java, you’ll need to use fresh coffee. Avoid using weak options, like instant coffee, and opt for using less water in your water reservoir.
  • For concentrated coffee, go with suitable coffee roasters that use a higher roast level. Dark roasts are the way to go.
  • Put a higher number of tablespoons of ground coffee than you would typically use. This will increase the concentration and make your coffee taste stronger.

With a few kitchen tips, you can ensure your morning cup is full of bold, rich coffee. While the best coffee maker gives you a leg up on stronger flavor, it isn’t essential. The steps laid out below are all you need.

Insider Tip

Make cold brew coffee by filling a coffee pot with cold water and strong coffee grounds, then leaving it to steep at room temperature.

Getting Stronger Flavor in Your Cup of Coffee

First off, maintaining the correct coffee-to-water ratio matters most. Increasing the level of ground coffee while maintaining the ounces of water will always make the coffee stronger.

There are multiple ways to use automatic coffee makers, even beyond making strong cups of coffee. For example, learning how to make ramen in a coffee maker is an interesting usage.


First, clean your coffee filter. When coffee filters have leftover grounds from the last time you were brewing coffee, it results in a bitter taste. You want your cups of coffee to have a strong flavor, not bitter flavors.


Invest in robusta beans, and use the correct grinder setting for your coffee brewing methods. Make sure there is a consistent grind so that the hot water can extract more caffeine content.


Once you have freshly ground a few tablespoons of coffee, fill your water reservoir. If it’s a single serving, use a cup of water. For multiple servings, use a couple of cups of water. Maintaining the correct coffee-to-water ratio is crucial.


Next, start brewing coffee. The brewing time will also make a difference in crafting a strong brew. The longer you allow coffee brewers to work, the more milligrams of caffeine will be extracted. Using a double brew process will extract the most milligrams of caffeine.


Once the brew method is complete, you’ll have a strong pot of coffee ready to make your favorite coffees. Whether you want iced coffee or regular coffee, fill your coffee cup to the brim and enjoy. If iced coffee doesn’t sound good, you might like to learn how to make tea in a coffee maker instead.


While instant coffee is easier to make than regular drip coffee, you’ll find that it doesn’t result in the delicious coffee you’re used to.


Does adding more coffee grounds make strong coffee?

If you use more coffee grounds and don’t change the units of water, then absolutely. A higher concentration of ground coffee will release more caffeine during the brewing process.

What types of coffee beans create strong coffee?

There are a few types of roasted coffee beans that create a stronger brew. For example, French roast beans will provide a richer, bolder taste.

Does grind size matter when brewing strong coffee?

The grinder setting you use on your coffee grinder doesn’t make your coffee stronger. However, it does matter for the brewing methods you use. A fine grind is best for espresso drinks, while a coarse grind is better for a French Press coffee maker.

Will stronger coffee have higher caffeine levels?

Not necessarily. Caffeine content is affected by the following factors:

  • Overall Brew time
  • Serving of coffee grounds used
  • Lengthened roasting process

STAT: Coffee is an intricate mixture of more than a thousand chemicals. (source)

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