How to Make a Standing Wall Desk

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Updated February 12, 2023

There’s an avalanche of options to sort through when searching for the best standing desk. However, if you don’t have a lot of room but want a great place to work with plenty of space, it can be helpful to know how to build a standing wall desk. It’s simple, affordable, and doesn’t take long to construct. This useful office hack will no doubt have you rethinking your current office desk space.


  • Making a standing wall desk is a cheap way to save space and money.
  • It only takes a few simple steps and uses materials found at your local hardware store.
  • With the right tools, you can have your office desk ready to go within a day.

What You’ll Need to Make a Standing Wall Desk

Knowing how to make a standing desk can be beneficial to making your desk truly your own. And making a standing wall desk is a great way to help prevent wobble, alternatively, if you need have a traditional standing desk you can read about how to make it wobble less. Use as many creative materials as you wish, but below is all you’ll need to get started on how to build a basic, budget-friendly office desk with enough storage space for an average workday. If you think you’ll be short on surface space, there are many great tips about how to organize a standing desk. While you are organizing your desk, remember that managing the wires of your desk is very important too as you don’t want any of them to get caught and unplugged or pulled off. Also, before you get started, it’s important to know some tips on how to make a standing desk easier on your knees. Keep in mind that this desk design doesn’t allow for adjustable heights, and is only for standing. If all this DIY work is a little intimidating, you can always buy one and learn how to set up a standing desk.

Insider Tip

If you want to stain your wood, make sure to do so before applying the coat of polyurethane.

STEP 1 Take Measurements and Determine Length

  1. First, measure your wall to calculate how long the board should be. The length will determine how many brackets you will need, but you should use at least two brackets for shorter boards (>4-5 ft), and three for longer boards (<6 ft).
  2. Also, before you go and slap a board onto any wall, be sure to use a stud finder to make sure the surface has enough studs to support your wall-mounted desk.

STEP 2 Purchase and Prepare Boards

  1. After selecting a piece of wood that’s big enough to fit all your personalized items, you’ll need to have it cut to fit your desired length and width. If you don’t have power tools, you can take the board to a hardware store or local carpenter, and they can cut the board to the correct dimensions. If you want an L-shaped desk, make sure to buy more boards.
  2. Then, you’ll have to take sandpaper to the entire surface, including the edges.
  3. Once properly sanded, apply the entire surface with water-based polyurethane using a brush or clean cloth. The coat should take a few hours to dry, but let sit overnight yields the best results.

STEP 3 Insert the Mounts

  1. The mounts should cover at least half the width of your board and not be too long, so they extend past the board. The sturdier, the better, and they should be mounted between 16 and 24 inches apart.
  2. Once studs are found, place the mounts at a proper standing length and drill in the screws. After this is complete, drill in the board.


Understand the difference between water-based and oil-based polyurethane, because oil-based takes much longer to dry.


What is the average price of a standing wall desk?

In total, the price of a cheap and sturdy wall desk should come out to anywhere from $30-$100.

What is the standard weight capacity of a sit-stand wall desk?

Weight capacity depends on the bracket/wood quality and how many studs are used. Still, the standard weight capacity should be anywhere from 50-100 pounds, enough for all your personalized items.

How long should you stand at your standing all desk?

Experts say that you only stand for 1-2 hours at a time. To ensure you don’t over-stand, you can buy a tall chair or adjustable stool to balance your sit-stand ratio.

STAT: Standing at your desk burns an average of 88 calories per hour (source)

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