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How to Make Ramen in a Coffee Maker

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Updated February 12, 2023

Learning how to make ramen in a coffee maker is excellent for college students who need an affordable dorm meal. This also appeals to anybody looking for simple recipes they can make without a stove.


  • First, crush up the noodles by crumbling the packet. Dump the contents into the pot, and empty the flavor packages over the noodles.
  • Put in a coffee filter and then run the brew cycle. Once you’re satisfied with the state of your ramen, put in other ingredients and enjoy.
  • Ensure that you clean your appliance thoroughly before making any clever coffee maker foods. Otherwise, you’ll end up with the taste of coffee in your food.

If you arm yourself with the best coffee maker in your budget, creating a complete meal without a stove becomes an easy task.

Guide to Making Ramen Noodles in a Coffee Pot

Creating a complete meal is easy as making a cup of coffee with a coffee machine and a little know-how. All you need is your noodles of choice and a few ounces of water to make culinary magic happen.

Insider Tip

A packet of fruit jam, chocolate chips, and a packet of honey are all great when you cook oatmeal in a coffee-making appliance.

Knowing how to make the perfect coffee in a coffee maker is great. Taking it a step further to make an entire meal is even better.


First, crumble the noodle packages in your hands. This will break up the bricks of ramen noodles, which allows for a quicker cooking time.


Dump the ramen packages into the coffee pot. Shift everything around to distribute the dry noodles evenly.


Empty your seasoning packet into the pot, making sure to coat each instant noodle.


Add a cup of water to the water reservoir. Depending on the directions found on the noodle packages, you may need to add more than a cup of water.


Put the pot back onto the hot plate. Place a coffee filter in the filter basket, and then start the brew cycle like you would for a cup of coffee.


After a couple of minutes, the hot water will cook your crunchy ramen noodles. Add half a cup of cream and cheese to make a cheese sauce if you prefer. Once you finish up, learn how to make strong coffee in a coffee maker for a beverage with your meal.

Additionally, you’ll want to learn how to keep your coffee maker from burning coffee, especially if you want to make iced tea or hot tea in your coffee maker, or if you just want hot water in your coffee maker.


While making poached salmon using a coffee pot burner is easy, take great caution when handling raw fish.


What other dorm room meals can I make with a classic coffee maker?

There are tons of coffee maker recipes out there. Here are a few ideas:

  • Instant Oatmeal
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Poached Salmon
  • Steamed Vegetables
  • Cheese Sandwich

How do I clean my coffee-making appliance?

Use hot water to soak your filter basket to remove stuck-on coffee grounds. Then, run a solution of clean water and vinegar through your water reservoir.

How do I clean my coffee pot burner?

Soak a cloth in hot water with a bit of soap. Twist out excess water, and wipe down the coffee burner to remove coffee residue dropping down from your water drip. Dry it thoroughly to ensure rust doesn’t form, which inhibits heating water.

What method is best to ensure I have aromatic coffee in my coffee cup?

The taste of coffee depends on multiple factors. Make sure you’re using cold water in your water reservoir and that you have the correct type of coffee filter.

STAT: Women in South Korea who ate more of the precooked dried noodles were more likely to have metabolic syndrome. (source)

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