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How to Make a Perfect Coffee in a Coffee Maker

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Updated February 12, 2023

Knowing how to make a perfect coffee in a coffee maker requires attention to detail. You’ll want high-quality ground coffee, an optimal brewing temperature, and a suitable brewing vessel.


  • First, make sure you’re using filtered, cold water. Source high-quality fresh beans, and grind them fresh before brewing.
  • You’ll also want to ensure your automatic coffee machine is thoroughly clean and is of the highest quality you can afford.
  • Use a complimentary machine that matches your coffee tastes. An automatic coffee maker will suit most palettes if you know how to brew your morning coffee properly.

Investing in the best coffee maker you can afford makes all the difference. Whether you choose automatic brewing or something manual, ensure you use a proper brewing process.

Making a Quality Cup of Coffee

Your personal preferences will determine the preferred brewing method for perfect cups of coffee. However, there are a few tried and true methods for brewing your morning cup.

Insider Tip

Every coffee drinker should use high-quality coffee that is freshly ground on the correct grinder setting.

Most people agree that coffee shop-quality coffee beans are a must, and brew time makes a huge difference. No matter which brewing process you choose, always cover the basics. Today we’ll focus on making your pot of coffee with a drip machine.

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First, fill your water reservoir with bottled or filtered water. Using tap water prevents you from reaching coffee excellence. Next, source high-quality coffee beans.


Measure out the correct amount of coffee grounds. You’ll want around two tablespoons of ground coffee for every twelve ounces of water.


Grind your coffee beans using the correct grinder setting. This will depend on the type of coffee you’re making. An automatic Burr grinder is the best coffee grinder to use.


Place a paper filter in your brewing vessel. Fill the paper filter with your freshly ground coffee, and place the coffee pot to collect your drip coffee. Start the brew time and watch perfectly fresh coffee appear.


Once the drip coffee maker finishes up, fill your coffee cup and enjoy a perfect coffee moment. To finish up, rinse the brewer with clean water. Keep in mind, that if your coffee maker is taking a long time to make coffee, you might have a mechanical problem. If you’ve recently learned how to make ramen in a coffee maker or how to make rice in a coffee maker, then cleaning your drip-coffee machine is critical.


Be careful when using a hot water temperature. Even the simple steps for making coffee can lead to serious burns.


Can you make coffee without electricity?

If you have access to a fire or gas stove, then yes. You’ll have to stick with a pour-over or stove-top method for brewing.

Can you achieve coffee excellence without a filter?

While you can still have a wonderful morning coffee moment, filters are necessary for a perfect cup. You can use an immersion method to brew without a filter, however.

Where do you find good coffee?

That depends on what your favorite coffee is and what brewing method suits it. Sourcing from small-batch coffee roasters is the go-to method for coffee snobs.

What is a French press coffee maker?

A French press makes more robust, fresher coffee than the average coffee lover might be accustomed to drinking. This style of brewer uses immersion to get strong coffee ready for your coffee cup.

STAT: Up to 124 species of the Coffea plant are known, but not all of them are edible. (source)

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