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How to Make Iced Tea in a Coffee Maker

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Updated February 12, 2023

Learning how to make iced tea in a coffee maker will feel like making iced coffee. The process is similar, except for the ingredients. A 12-cup drip coffee maker is the best appliance for this purpose.


  • First, clean your coffee maker using fresh water and a little vinegar. After this, pour a few ounces of water into the reservoir and put tea bags in the brew basket.
  • Run the brew cycle and fill a pitcher with ice. Pour sugar into the tea once it’s done, and then let it cool before pouring it over the ice in your pitcher.
  • For a stronger tea, use fewer cups of water than you usually would brew iced coffee.

The best coffee maker is multi-purpose, providing classic or rich-strength coffee using a few cups of water and coffee grounds. You can also make a variety of tea recipes, however. Today we’ll focus on creating delicious cups of tea.

Can I use Coffee Makers to Brew any Type of Tea?

You can brew everything from black to green tea leaves using a coffee brewer. Of course, this isn’t a perfect method for optimal steep times. In a pinch, it will work fine.

For more great coffee tips, learn how to make ramen in a coffee maker and how to use a cold brew coffee maker, especially if you’re hungry for some great nitro cold brew coffee.

Insider Tip

A cold brew coffee maker is great for those who live in hot climates and prefer an iced option more regularly.

Learning how to make hot water in a coffee maker will help you keep a better tea-to-water ratio and maintain a more accurate steep time. Today we’ll focus on using the tea bags directly in the coffee brewer.

Making Tea in a Coffee Maker


Clean your brew basket. You can use a cup of vinegar water to do this. This removes coffee residue. If you skip this step, you’ll end up with a coffee taste in the type of tea you brew.


Once it’s thoroughly clean, place tea bags in the brew basket. You don’t need to use coffee filters for this. Fill the reservoir with cold water. Start the brew cycle, which will pour hot water over tea bags in your brew basket.


Brewing cycles are different across different coffee makers. Once yours finishes up, you’ll have a coffee pot full with a few cups of tea strength perfect for icing. Pour in white sugar while it’s hot so the white sugar can dissolve.


Set the pot off to the side so it can cool off. Fill your plastic pitchers with ice. Then, pour the pot of water infused with tea over the ice as if you were making iced coffee.


Now, you can pour yourself a tall glass of sweet tea. If you’re in the mood for iced coffee next, learning how to make perfect coffee in a coffee maker will help you get the best iced coffee possible.


Using tap water can leave mineral deposits in your coffee brewer, which makes descaling a necessity.


How do you make iced coffee?

Iced coffee is easy to make. Start by brewing coffee as you usually do. From there, make sure you have a large cup size and fill it with ice. Pour the contents of your pot of coffee into the glass. Then you have perfect iced coffee.

What are the different types of loose-leaf tea?

There are several varieties of loose-leaf tea available: Green tea leaves are great for a light, refreshing drink. Black tea leaves are the best for sweet tea recipes.

Why shouldn’t you put tea in a coffee machine?

There are a few different reasons you’ll have a poor brewing experience with your loose tea leaves:

  • Can’t provide ideal brewing temperature
  • No way to control steeping times
  • Must thoroughly clean your coffee machine

How do you properly brew tea?

First, make sure you have the perfect water-to-tea ratio. Quality tea requires proper steeping times at an ideal water temperature. Whether using a tea ball or pouring water over tea bags, follow standard brew cycles for an amazing tea experience.

STAT: Observational research has found that tea consumption of 2-3 cups daily is associated with a reduced risk of premature death, heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. (source)

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