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How to Make Hot Water in a Coffee Maker

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Updated August 27, 2022

It isn’t difficult to figure out how to make hot water in a coffee maker. It’s one of the easiest things you can do. This is perfect for those who have access to instant coffee but not ground coffee beans.


  • First, clean out any coffee grounds in your filter basket. This will protect your cup of water from contaminants like leftover coffee grounds.
  • Next, pour cold water into the reservoir and hit the brew button. After a few minutes, you’ll have water at the brewing temperature of whatever type of coffee maker you’re using.
  • You won’t be able to make boiling water by heating water using a drip coffee brewer. These appliances brew at a set water temperature.

You don’t need the best coffee maker around to make hot tap water. But, for great latte machines, you’ll need distilled water. However, good water might help expedite the brew times. Either way, having a basic drip coffee brewer is all you need for the tutorial below.

Guide to Making Hot Water in Coffee Machines

If you can’t use the saucepan method for making hotter water, then a coffee appliance works well. Sometimes hot tap water doesn’t cut it, especially when you need hot water for tea or other beverages.

Insider Tip

A few ounces of water and some white vinegar will clear mineral deposits from your appliance’s water chamber.

For example, those who learn how to make hot chocolate in a coffee maker might want to avoid putting chocolate in their appliance. The method below works well for this.


The first step is to clean your countertop coffee maker thoroughly. When coffee makers are dirty, they leak coffee grounds into the hot water. If you recently made a pot of coffee, clean out your coffee pot of any leftover coffee oil.


Next, put your coffee pot back onto the hot plate. Pour cold water into the water reservoir. You can use as little as a cup of water, depending on how much hot water you need.


Place a coffee filter in the brew basket for extra filtration. Then, start the brewing cycle as though you were making a cup of coffee.


Once the brewing process finishes, the glass carafe will be full of water at the regular brewing temperature of your type of coffee maker. If you’re trying to make hot water for tea, you can always learn how to make iced tea in a coffee maker to skip the middleman.

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Be careful not to touch the heating element of your coffee maker. This heat source can cause burns.


What is the perfect water temperature for coffee makers?

The perfect temperature for regular coffee is between 195 and 205 degrees. This changes slightly depending on the type of coffee you’re making, such as French Press coffee or cold brew.

What would happen if my drip coffee brewer used boiling water?

Hotter water is not always better. In the case of making delicious coffee, this is the case. Your appliance’s heat source only supplies low power because going above the ideal temperature for brew cycles results in bitter coffee.

How do stovetop coffee makers heat tap water?

That depends on the type of stovetop model you’re using. They all use the heat from your stove to build pressure so that you can have hot coffee, however.

Can you drink ground coffee without filtering it?

Freshly ground beans are a requirement for amazing coffee. So is using a paper filter in your filter basket. Even a makeshift filter is better than not using one at all. Otherwise, you’ll have coffee grounds in your fresh coffee cup.

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