How to Make a Gaming Headset Mic Work on a MacBook

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Updated October 26, 2022

Learning how to make a gaming headset mic work on a MacBook can be difficult for Apple users. Apple is known for producing compatible products. Because of this, a MacBook will easily pair with an Apple TV or Apple headphones.


  • First, make sure your headset successfully connects with your MacBook. You’ll either plug it into an audio jack or install it with a simple plug-and-play USB connection.
  • If it doesn’t automatically connect, manually select your headset as the input device. The issue might be that the Mac defaults to the internal microphone.
  • When all else fails, default to the Genius Bar at Apple. They can help you troubleshoot the issue and figure out how to fix the problem.

However, gaming headphones are a different story. This article is for you if you purchase the best gaming headset in your budget and can’t get it to connect with your Mac.

Are Apple AirPods Fine for Game Communication?

Apple AirPods have multiple features that come in handy while gaming. Most use them for their typical calling applications and voice command, and they have a decent audio quality. However, they cannot replace the role of gaming headphones.

Insider Tip

Investing in expensive headphones can help with unwanted background noise.

Several things can go wrong with a wireless headset. If you’re having trouble with your audio devices, learning how to make sound come from your gaming headset instead of your speakers will come in handy. Additionally, you can learn how to use a gaming headset with an audio mixer.


First, plug your headphone jack into your audio jack. This should switch your audio output to the headset. If it doesn’t, check for a loose headphone jack.


If a loose headphone jack isn’t to blame, follow the steps below to change the output device manually. Read any product guides available for your headset to see if there are answers in the product info.


Navigate to the “System Preferences” section on your Mac to find the sound settings and input tab. From there, you’ll be looking for the “Sound Input Devices” in sound settings to change the default input device.


Once you locate the correct area, check if your gaming headset is available under “Input Device.” All compatible devices should show up that have been correctly connected.


Select your wired or wireless headset from the list of devices. The problem is that your MacBook likely uses the default input device rather than the headset.


Now, check your microphone settings under sound input settings. Make sure that you haven’t accidentally hit the mute button on your external microphone. You should be good to go if your microphone input switches to your USB headset. However, if your mic is picking up too much noise, read our guide on how to reduce gaming headset sensitivity. Then if needed, you can also learn how to make a gaming headset windscreen.


Now, check to see if your wireless or wired headset is now working. If you’re still having trouble with the audio controls, look into how to make sound come from your gaming headset instead of speakers.


You can use the built-in microphone on your Mac, but it’ll have low-quality audio.


How do I test my microphone level to make sure it’s working?

To make sure your headphone mic is working correctly, use the mic monitoring under sound input settings. This will play the audio to your headphone mic to see if the mic is working.

What features should I look for in a PS4 headset?

If you’re in the market for a PS4 headset, there are a few features you want. Read the listing for your PS4 headset to make sure it includes the following:

  • Easily accessible volume buttons
  • A padded headband
  • Great sound quality
  • An adjustable headband

Which headsets are good to use with a Nintendo Switch?

When you’re using a Nintendo Switch, a few headsets will help you enjoy gaming far more than Apple buds will. Look into the following:

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What Apple products should I purchase for my MacBook?

There are a couple of must-have products that pair perfectly with a Mac or Apple mobile device:
Apple TV
Apple AirPods

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