How to Make a Fan Blade

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Updated July 21, 2022

If you are new to the world of personal cooling appliances and find yourself with a broken fan, you may want to learn how to make a fan blade yourself. The best fans, after all, feature blades that spin to push air throughout the room, and these blades break. So, what causes blades to break, how can you replace them, and is there any way to make a blade on your own? Keep reading to find out.


  • Fan blades are finicky components and can degrade or break over time.
  • Your best bet in the case of ceiling fan blade damage is to replace it with a new part.
  • Other options include hiring a pro for ceiling fan blade repairs or jury-rigging a DIY solution, like a piece of cardboard, yourself.

What Damages Fan Blades?

All kinds of things damage fan blades, depending on the manufacturing materials, which you’ll know if you have ever tried to learn how to make a ceiling fan quiet. Dirty blades, over time, degrade and break, forcing you to learn how to clean fan blades. Fan blades are constantly spinning, so the friction from an improper installation could damage the blades. In other words, learn how to install a ceiling fan.

Insider Tip

Keep your fan blades clean to prevent excessive noise during use and to ensure a decent lifespan.

Leaving the fan on too often could also hurt the blades over time, especially if you are trying to force the fan to blow cold air.

Can You Make a Fan Blade?

Yes and no. You can make one out of a piece of cardboard, technically, but you’ll struggle to get it to integrate with the fan itself. Only attempt to build a fan blade if you are especially experienced with home appliances.

What to Do When a Fan Blade Breaks

The worst has happened, and one of your fan blades has moved on to fan blade heaven. What can you do about it? You could try the aforementioned cardboard hack, but there are more realistic options to try first.

Replace It

Your first and best option is to replace it with the same fan blade. Contact the fan’s original manufacturer for more information as to the purchasing and installation process. If you can’t find an original replacement part, shop for a lookalike that has been designed to integrate with your specific fan. Perform a web search to look for the right part. As for installing the blade once it has arrived, follow the instructions carefully.

Jury Rig the Damage

You can try to fix it yourself if the damage is minimal, such as cracks. Use duct tape and other common supplies, like a piece of cardboard, to jury rig a system that will keep the fan blade spinning.

Repair the Blade

Some broken fan blades can still be professionally repaired by a general contractor or electrician. Contact someone local you trust and give them the rundown.

STAT: Nearly all ceiling fans have a switch located on the side of the fan base that lets you change the direction of the fan blades. (source)

Making a Fan Blade FAQs

How to make a solar-powered fan?

Simply connect the motor housing to some solar panels and operate the fan normally via remote control. Some solar panels include batteries that the fan can plug into via screw holes, creating decent airflow and a cool breeze.

Why use a ceiling fan with my air conditioning?

Combining a standard ceiling fan with an air conditioner takes some of the load off of the AC unit, in addition to increasing wind chill and air circulation throughout the home.

How to balance a wobbly ceiling fan?

First, turn off the ceiling fan switch and climb up to the ceiling blades. Clean the blades and motor housing, and tighten any screws. These screw holes are located on the blades and throughout the housing.
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