How to Make a Microwave Bowl Holder

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Updated August 18, 2022

If you have regularly been using a microwave oven, you may wonder how to make a microwave bowl holder. Even the best microwaves, which include GE Microwaves JNM7196SKSS and JNM7185SKSS, can heat up certain materials, especially bowls, making them hot to the touch. Keep reading to learn all about microwave bowl holders and related accessories.


  • Microwave bowl holders are useful for protecting your hands from burns as you remove a hot bowl and related containers from the microwave oven.
  • You can sew one yourself but will require significant sewing knowledge and the appropriate tools. Prepare to learn about the batting square, the fabric square, squares of fabric, squares of batting, and seam allowance.
  • You can also purchase one online or simply use a towel or dishcloth.

What is a Microwave Bowl Holder?

A microwave bowl holder is basically a potholder and is intended to allow you to take the bowl out of the microwave without burning yourself. Bowls get extremely hot while inside of a microwave, though this might be less of an issue if you are wondering what is a smart inverter microwave, as they offer more precise temperature controls. For a peek at the comparison of models, check out the Sunbeam vs Black+Decker microwave.

Insider Tip

Be sure to use caution around needles as you sew your soup bowl cozy.

There are a number of ways to get your hands on a microwave bowl holder, including sewing one yourself.

Sew it Yourself

The most difficult option, yet the most rewarding, is likely to simply sew the microwave bowl holder yourself. This way you can make it to the exact specifications of the bowls you typically use in your microwave oven. This will require sewing tools and some serious know-how, though the process is likely less complicated than learning how to build a microwave cart. Just hit up some sewing forums or YouTube tutorials for details on sizing and what bowls match what holders. Many sewing forums also include exact templates to make things easier.

Purchase One

If sewing isn’t your bag, you can easily purchase a ready-made bowl holder on Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Best Buy, and other online marketplaces. They are fairly inexpensive and you can find multiple sizes and designs to suit your own needs and individual tastes. If this is your first time with one of these accessories, you may want to purchase it in real life, as opposed to online, so you can see it with your own eyes and imagine using it with your bowls at home.

Use a Dishtowel

You can also use a dishtowel, a paper towel, or a large piece of clean cloth to use a bowl holder. Just make sure it is thick enough to dissipate any residual heat emanating from the bowl after you have cooked with it. If you are using a paper towel or anything made from cotton fabric, for instance, you may want to layer a few items on top of one another.


How to care for your bowl cozy?

Use common sense when using the cozy, especially if it is made from cotton fabric or cotton thread. Don’t throw it in the washing machine, hand washes only, and your soul bowl cozy will be good for years to come.

How to sew microwaveable bowl potholders?

The process will vary depending on the design and fabric type, but a soup bowl cozy should not be too difficult to make. You will have to learn about corner-to-corner threading, seam allowance, the batting square, layered bowl shapes, and more.

What are the benefits of a microwaveable bowl potholder?

The benefits of a soup bowl cozy are varied. They protect your hands from burning as you hold a bowl of soup, first of all, but they can also protect soup bowls from damage.

STAT: Sewing has an ancient history estimated to begin during the Paleolithic Era. Sewing was used to stitch together animal hides for clothing and for shelter. (source)

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