How To Make A Hoverboard That Actually Works

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Updated October 14, 2022

Self balancing scooters are still all the rage after a few years of popularity. And just about anyone can afford one since you can buy a cheap adult hoverboard for as low as $100 these days. But have you ever thought about making your own and wondered just how to make a hoverboard? It sounds crazy, I know, but you really can make your own electric hoverboard at home.

How To Make A Hoverboard
Make your own hoverboard!

Learn How To Make A Hoverboard

Sure, it’s easy enough to buy one, but sometimes the fun is in making a homemade hoverboard for yourself and challenging your DIY skills. Because when you build your own hoverboard, it feels very rewarding. There are many ways that you can make a DIY hoverboard, but we are going to use YouTuber Navin Khambhala’s method. The end result actually works fairly well. Complete with rotating wheels, 2 motors, and batteries, the board is controlled by using your feet to control the motor switches, similar to the real thing.

Keep in mind that since you’re making your own hoverboard, it’s helpful to include other guides that will help you, such as how to charge a hoverboard without a charger, how to stop your hoverboard from exploding, how to fix a hoverboard, how to buff out hoverboard scratches, and the best way to paint a hoverboard.

And, well, since you’re building your own hoverboard, you won’t need to know about a hoverboard return policy.

It’s Easy To Make A Real Hoverboard

It turns out that learning how to make a hoverboard isn’t as hard or involved as I thought it would be. You can find the video below and see it for yourself. But if you attempt this build, just remember to always take the proper safety precautions both when working on the project and when riding it.

The parts that you will need for this hoverboard project are easy to find, and most people with some basic know-how should be able to build it fairly easily.

You’ll need some basic tools, like

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Saw
  3. Drill
  4. And some pieces of wood, of course. Maybe sheets of plywood. You can likely find a lot of what you need at the dollar store.

Now To Create Your Wooden Hoverboard

The main board is made of wood, and the electronics are all mounted on the bottom of the board, like the two electric motors that are connected to two batteries, with wood motor brackets, plus two switches for the motors. Navin likes to use a laptop battery pack for this project. The video explains everything from how to attach and wire the motor, to riding it.

Obviously, you can’t replicate the self balancing aspect of a real hoverboard on a budget like this, so one has to make adjustments. So Navin used 2 small wheels, one forward and one in the back, attaching the wheels to a piece of wood. (Don’t complain because real hoverboards don’t exactly hover, either. A hovering board for the masses like Marty McFly used does not yet exist). It also won’t be the fastest hoverboard there is.

Your Budget Hoverboard Awaits

Sure this isn’t the same as a flashy new self-balancing scooter out of the box, but again, projects like this are about the journey. This isn’t going to be the best hoverboard for your kids. You aren’t trying to compete with mass-produced electronics. Is it a bit dangerous? Perhaps. But it is fun knowing that you built something so cool. Who knew that we could build hoverboards at home? Now you know how to make a hoverboard. For another hoverboard build, check this one out.

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