How to Lock an Electric Scooter

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Updated August 26, 2022

If you are new to the world of personal transportation vehicles, you may want to learn how to lock an electric scooter. The best scooters, after all, are significant investments, so lock them up to protect them from would-be thieves. So what are the various ways to successfully lock up your e-scooter? Keep reading to find out.


  • Locking an electric scooter when parked is crucial to dissuade would-be thieves with power tools from trying to steal your investment.
  • U-locks, cable locks, disc locks, and chain locks all have pros and cons, so your best bet is to mix and match types of electric scooter locks.
  • Pay attention to where you park, opting for highly trafficked areas over desolate spots to keep your scooter safe.

Locking an Electric Scooter

In addition to learning how to fix an electric scooter, it is worthwhile to learn how to lock one up. This allows you to use the scooter for errands without any fear of it being stolen if you are wondering if pedestrians are a danger to electric scooters. Locking up a scooter is one of the most important maintenance skills to have in your arsenal, along with choosing the best lights for an electric scooter.

Insider Tip

Keep various locks on hand to mix and match as needed, depending on your destination.

Here are some tips to consider when locking up a scooter so any would-be thieves will wonder why the scooter won’t move.

Combine Locks

Each type of lock has advantages and disadvantages. U-locks, for instance, offer some fantastic protection but can be cut through with the right tools. Cable locks can wrap around nearly any component of the bike but also run a risk of being cut by nefarious individuals. Chain locks are harder to cut but are extremely heavy and cumbersome.

Your best bet? Combine a number of locks to achieve maximum security. Remember, although U-locks and cable locks can be cut with the right tools, it still takes time. If your scooter is equipped with multiple locks of different types, it could take hours to cut through. The more annoying the process seems to thieves, the more likely they will move on.

It’s All About Time

If you are just going to the convenience store for one or two things, a standard U-lock should be fine. Thieves can cut through it, but not in the time you’ll be inside the store. If going to a movie, on the other hand, stack the locks as needed. Basically, the more time you plan on being away from the scooter, the more locks you should incorporate.

STAT: The most secure traditional type of lock for scooters is a D-Lock or U-Lock. (source)

Park Wisely

Stick to main throughways when parking to dissuade thieves. Cutting through scooter locks is not exactly inconspicuous, so thieves will likely avoid areas with plenty of pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

Locking E-Scooter FAQs

How do I protect an e-scooter from theft?

If your scooter has a folding mechanism or includes a folding lock, just bring it with you as you conduct errands. Otherwise, keep your scooter secure with various locks to make it an immovable object, such as disc brake locks, grip locks, chain links, cuff locks, and more.

How do I choose electric scooter locks?

Pick locks made from durable materials, such as hardened steel, and mix and match the various types of locks to increase security.

Is it easy to steal electric scooters?

Well, it is not exactly difficult, especially if they are not locked to a bike rack or another sturdy object. Use various types of locks, such as folding locks and combination locks, to stave off thieves with bolt cutters.
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