How to Keep Earbuds From Falling Out

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Updated October 10, 2022

If you are new to the world of personal audio, you may wonder how to keep earbuds from falling out. Many of the best headphones, after all, are earbuds, and these gadgets have a tendency to fall right out of the ear during use, particularly during exercise. So what makes the best wireless earbuds fall out of the ear, and what can you do to stop it from happening? Keep reading to find out.


  • Wired earbuds and wireless earbuds are known for falling out of the ear canal during use, particularly while engaging in strenuous activities.
  • Make sure to try out all of the tips included with your earbuds, and shop for third-party memory foam tips if none of them fit right.
  • You can also invest in earbuds with integrated wings or ear hooks, as both designs help secure the earbuds in place without sacrificing sound quality.

Why Do Earbuds Fall Out?

This all comes down to the fit, similar to when learning why earbuds hurt your ears. Every earbud is different, and so is every ear lobe, which could lead many to wonder how earbuds are so quiet. It’s not the earbuds that are quiet, as it is the integration with your ears.

Insider Tip

Before going for a run with your earbuds, make sure they fit correctly, or you are liable to lose one in the grass.

Modern earbuds ship with various tips, but they do not always account for every ear shape. If you are looking for the best loudest earbuds, a comfortable and secure fit is an absolute must. The same goes when learning about the best noise-canceling earbuds for sleeping, as you don’t want them falling out during your nightly respite.

How Do I Keep Earbuds From Falling Out?

Every earbud and earlobe is different, so there is no universal guide here. But, sometimes, if you don’t properly clean over-ear headphones, there’s a chance they’ll fall out repeatedly. However, there are some helpful tips that should help to lock those buds in place.

Experiment With Tips

When you buy a pair of earbuds, they generally ship with a number of different-sized earphone tips. Don’t go with the first tips you try or use whatever tips are automatically affixed to the earbuds. Try out different tips and move around during use, emulating the vibrations of exercise. Pick the tip that allows the earbuds to stay in, even during strenuous movement. If none of the included tips do the trick, there are plenty of third-party options out there for those with uncommon lobe and ear canal shapes.

Try Wings

Many modern earbuds ship with wings to help them remain secure during use. These wings are not removable and, actually, are not wings at all. They are more like balloons, of a sort, as they expand once inside the ear. This not only helps them stay in place but also helps create an airtight seal to reduce any external noise or ambient use during use.

STAT: This is a particular problem for runners, as the jolting movements and factors like sweat and rain can mean headphones that have shorter earbud tips keep falling off or won’t stay in your ear. (source)

Try Hooks

Some earbuds ship with hooks that wrap around the earlobes, securely affixing them in place. This is a good option if the previous tips do not work.

Falling Earbuds FAQs

How do I properly insert earbuds?

This depends on the design, as waterproof earbuds may have a slightly different insertion process than, say, custom-made earbuds or sweat-proof earbuds. Read the instructions and follow them to the letter.

Why is it important to get a stable fit with earbuds?

It is important to maintain a stable fit inside of the ear canal so that the wireless earbuds do not fall out as you use them, particularly when exercising. Some wireless earbuds, such as waterproof earbuds, require an exact fit to work their best.

How do I wear in-ear monitors?

The process of wearing in-ear headphones is the same as traditional earbuds or wireless earbuds, more or less. Find a stable fit inside the ear canal and experiment as you go.
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