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How to Keep Coffee Hot in a Coffee Maker

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Understanding how to keep coffee hot in a coffee maker is a crucial skill for coffee lovers. Nobody likes cold coffee in their cup. You invest in the best coffee beans, get an excellent drip machine, and go the extra mile to optimize the brewing process.


  • A warming plate isn’t the best method for keeping coffee hot, so avoid leaving your brew in the pot.
  • Instead, you can use an extra-large thermos for smaller brews. For a more considerable amount of coffee, pour it into a thermal carafe.
  • For the best-tasting coffee possible, use a combination of a thermal carafe coffee maker and a thermos.

So, make sure that using the best coffee maker and the best processes isn’t in vain. Use this guide to keep your coffee hotter for longer. While dealing with pots of coffee remember to be careful as the coffee can be very hot. To learn more you can read about how hot does coffee get in a coffee maker.

Keeping Your Cup or Pot of Coffee Hot

Coffee pots are not great for keeping coffee hot. This is because the warming plate emits a consistent heat that creates bitter-tasting coffee due to over-extraction.

If you’re looking for the perfect cup of coffee, a couple of other methods work better. Coffee machines have several accessories to keep your next cup of coffee hot and ready. If you are wanting to keep your coffee hotter for longer, you may also be wondering how long you can keep a coffee maker on.

Insider Tip

Coffee aficionados agree that for great-tasting coffee, you need to emulate coffee shop brewing methods.

While keeping coffee fresh is excellent, leaving it too long can lead to rust. Luckily, learning how to get the rust off a coffee maker is an easy process.

Using a Hot Plate


First, choose your brew strength. If you like a strong cup of joe, check out how to make a strong coffee in a coffee maker. But remember, a higher strength setting is more likely to become bitter after over-exposure to the heating element.


Next, pour your coffee grounds into the filter basket. Fill the water reservoir with however many ounces of water your coffee grounds require.


Once the brewing time has run out, pour yourself a single cup of coffee. Leave the leftover coffee in your pot. Be careful not to leave it too long since this prolongs the extraction process.


While a hot plate keeps coffee warm, it also invites unwanted guests. If you have a roach infestation, begin learning how to keep roaches out of a coffee maker.

Using a Thermal Carafe


Using a carafe will help keep coffee hot for hours without causing a bitter taste. Pick out the perfect product for you. A stainless steel 8-cup carafe is reasonable if you’re making multiple cups of coffee.


Choose your brew strength, and hit the brew button. Once the brewing process finishes up, immediately pour your pot of coffee into the stainless steel carafe. Alternatively, high-end coffee makers will usually come with stainless steel thermal carafes. Depending on your needs you can check out or comparison of the Bonavita BV1900TS vs BV1901TS.


A stainless steel 8-cup carafe will typically handle an entire pot of coffee. If not, either throw out or drink the leftover coffee. If you don’t, keep in mind that coffee pots quickly turn small amounts of fresh coffee into bitter coffee.


Finally, pour yourself a cup of coffee from your stainless steel carafe and enjoy that smooth coffee taste you love.

Using an Insulated Coffee Thermos


The best way to ensure you can keep coffee hot is using a stainless steel thermos. First, look for one that has a double wall.


Pour your hot brew into the stainless steel thermos, leaving room for extras like sugar and milk.


Step 3 – To keep your coffee hot for even longer, use a sleeve for your thermos. This will further insulate the thermos and keep your hands safe from the heat.


Step 4 – Now that you can keep your coffee warm, sip at your leisure throughout the day.


Use cheap coffee makers with caution, especially if your coffee brewer begins to leech a plastic taste into your flavorful coffee.


How does boiling water in my water tank affect coffee?

There’s a reason you should generally use cold water in your water reservoirs. Your appliance will regulate temperature long before water passes through the filter basket because boiling water burns the grounds.

Can I refrigerate leftover coffee?

Unless you’re making cold brew, this isn’t recommended. Iced coffee is delicious, but it will not reheat to the correct temperature without losing that amazing coffee flavor. Coffee temperature matters greatly.

What type of filter should I use for the best-tasting coffee possible?

While a reusable filter is tempting, the best method is using a paper coffee filter. A permanent filter or mesh filter will collect small amounts of coffee over time, compromising your delicious coffee.

What are the best coffee machines for keeping coffee hot?

An average drip coffee maker will do a great job. However, an immersion heater method like a French Press will be a poor choice for the purpose.

STAT: Caffeine-containing products such as coffee, teas, and chocolate are rich sources of antioxidants and phytonutrients which may have health-promoting effects. (source)

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