How to Invert a Webcam

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Updated August 16, 2022

The webcam was initially invented in 1991 so that staff at Cambridge University could monitor their coffee pot. But although its initial use was rather banal, today’s best webcams are used for extraordinary purposes. However, given that they remain a new technology for many, users often become confused when complications arise. Below, we’ll explain how to invert a webcam in case your video image is upside down or flipped horizontally.


  • When a webcam shows an inverted image, it is likely the cause of software or driver settings.
  • Each video streaming or recording device has specific settings that allow users to flip or rotate their video image. These settings are available within the apps.
  • Updating a driver requires going to a webcam manufacturer’s website or accessing a computer’s device manager to check for updates.

If you need additional help with your webcam setup, you can find our article on how to install a webcam on a laptop.

Insider Tip

Whenever you update a webcam’s driver, restart your computer to give the laptop and webcam a chance to reboot.

How to Flip a Webcam to Mirror Image

Many webcam users log onto a meeting or try creating a video to find their webcam image flipped the wrong way, which can be distracting and prevent productivity. However, fixing this is often simple and takes only a few minutes.

Understanding the mirror settings is a great way to know how to make your webcam look better and how to improve your laptop camera quality.

Check the Application Settings

Whether using Zoom, Discord, Skype, or some other application, each has video settings to adjust the webcam image. First, find the settings menu; there should be an option for “Image Mirror Settings.” From there, you’ll find options to adjust the orientation, such as rotate, screen flip, or mirror mode. Sometimes, the option to flip or create a mirror image is right on the webcam’s toolbar.

Update the Webcam Driver

The webcam driver is what communicates messages from the webcam to your computer’s operating system. An outdated driver can result in upside-down images. Another critical reason to keep drivers updated is that it allows you to access the newest webcam settings, such as how to make a webcam border.

If you have an external webcam, go to the manufacturer’s website and check to see if any driver updates are available and install them directly from the website. If you use the built-in webcam, update your driver by accessing the computer’s device manager settings.


Hackers can access your webcam and record data to spy. You can manage privacy settings through your computer or block your webcam with a piece of tape.

Additionally, users sometimes notice the flip issue after updating the driver. In this case, check for driver rollbacks within the device management system; these will set the webcam back to the previous driver version.

STAT: There are device driver applications that automatically perform all driver updates. These programs are very efficient and take only two minutes to complete a webcam driver update. (source)

How to Invert Webcam FAQs

What can I do to prevent my camera from flipping in the future?

The best thing to prevent a flipped or mirrored image is to keep drivers and application software up to date. It’s also a good idea to keep your computer up to date on anti-virus software.

If my video image is mirrored, do other viewers see me that way?

In most cases, no. The only person able to see the mirrored image is yourself.

Why would you need to rotate or flip a webcam?

Screen rotation is an option because it allows the user to create different views for creative purposes. It also allows people to view oddly-sized documents or spreadsheets.
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