How to Install a VPN on Firestick

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Updated September 22, 2022

If you are new to the world of remote networks, you may wonder how to install a VPN on a Firestick. Some of the best VPNs, after all, can integrate with devices other than computers, streaming sticks included. So why would you want a VPN on your Amazon Firestick, and how do you get it hooked up? Keep reading to find out.


  • Using a VPN with an Amazon Fire TV Firestick is a great way to get around geographically restricted streaming content and restrictions placed by Internet service providers.
  • The easiest option is to choose a VPN service or VPN provider with a dedicated Firestick app, which should offer a smooth installation process.
  • Another option for a VPN connection is to drag and drop the VPN APK file from your computer to the Firestick folder via the search bar.

Why Use a VPN With a Streaming Stick?

For the same reason, when learning how to get a VPN on an Xbox, among other devices. VPNs offer increased security, which is helpful when conducting that Surfshark VPN review. VPNs also allow you to get around geographic restrictions, which is useful when learning how to use a VPN with Netflix.

Insider Tip

You should be able to find a list of VPNs with dedicated Firestick apps on the Amazon App store.

There are also many VPNs available to suit different tastes if you want to know how to change a VPN on an iPhone. VPNs are also not always on, so you can learn how to turn off a VPN. In short, learning how to set up a VPN at home and integrate it with your Firestick is undoubtedly a worthy endeavor.

How Do I Add a VPN to my Firestick?

Each VPN is different, with different installation processes. In other words, there is no universal “how-to” here, but there are some tips to get started.

Choose the Right VPN

You are going to want to choose a VPN that clearly advertises easy integration with Firesticks and other streaming sticks. Look for a VPN that features a dedicated app specifically for Firestick devices. This will make the process so much easier. Once you have paid for the VPN subscription, download the Firestick app to your computer. Plug in your Firestick to an available port and drag and drop the VPN app into the correct folder.

STAT: Not all Fire TV Sticks work with VPNs, and not all VPNs work with Fire TV Sticks. But there are many compatible options, so linking the two shouldn’t be too difficult. (source)

Once you boot up your Firestick again, you should have access to the app, where you can adjust settings.

Use the APK File

Even if the VPN does not offer a dedicated Firestick app, you can still do this. There are a few options, but the easiest and most reliable is to rely on the VPN’s APK file. Firesticks use a modified Android operating system, so you can drag and drop the APK file right into the Firestick folder, and it should allow you to access the installation process once you boot up the stick.

VPN Firestick FAQs

What is the best VPN for Firestick?

Many VPNs are great for Amazon Fire TV products, including the Amazon Fire TV stick. Look for options that offer private Internet access, a 30-day money-back guarantee, various developer options, and ways around region-locked content and geo-restricted content.

Can my cable provider block a Firestick?

Yes, a cable provider can block an Amazon Fire TV device to limit private Internet access, but they really have no reason to do so. Contact your VPN service if you run into any trouble with your ISP.

What else can a Firestick do?

Amazon Fire TV Firestick devices are versatile, allowing you to surf the web via the search bar, watch content on private networks, access popular streaming services, change your IP address, listen to music, and play video games, among other developer options.
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