How to Install Free Pirated Apps on your iPhone Without Jailbreaking

Step 4 – Search for Apps


Now that your iPhone is plugged in, click on the highlighted area in the image above. That will take you to the app search page. Type the name of the app you’re looking to test in the search bar and press enter. You then be given a results page.

Step 5 – Download Apps


Hover over the app you’re looking for and click on the left icon that appears under its title. That will begin the download and instillation process.



Step 6 – Install Apps

Once the app’s ipa file has completed downloading, click on the area I’ve highlighted in the image above to get to the screen that will give you the option to install your downloaded app. Now click the button with the blue loopy arrow under your iPhone’s name to begin the instillation process.

Step 7 – Test


Keep an eye on your iPhone, once the icon for your new app appears on screen, the instillation is complete. Unplug your device and get to testing.

Now you know how to install free apps on your iPhone. If you like the app, please go ahead and download it through the AppStore. There are people who depend on app sales to pay their rent and if they’ve built a solid product that you enjoy, why not drop a buck or two in support of it?

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  1. Keep in mind after a few days of using this a few Trojans and malware has appears on my old computer and it’s now destroyed itself.

  2. hi pls make a clean tutorial so i can understand PLS :3 and also NO OFFENCE :3 good job though on how yu helped plenty (I MEAN PLENTY) people :)

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