How to Install Free Pirated Apps on your iPhone Without Jailbreaking

Step 1 – Extract the Software


Since ihelper comes to you in a compressed file format, you’re going to have to extract it in order to run it. If you’ve got WinZip or WinRAR, right click the ihelper RAR and extract it to its own folder. Open up that folder and you’ll see a new sub folder named “pp-pc”. The ihelper executable in held within this folder.

Step 2 – Run ihelper.exe


Now that you’re in “pp-pc” you should see the ihelper.exe. Double click that to begin. When ihelper first connects, Windows may ask you if it should allow ihelper to connect via your network. If you want to search for apps via ihelper, it’ll need to connect to the network, so go ahead and click yes.

Step 3 – Plug in your iPhone


Now that ihelper is running, it’ll display a screen directing you to plug your iPhone in. Do that.

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  1. Keep in mind after a few days of using this a few Trojans and malware has appears on my old computer and it’s now destroyed itself.

  2. hi pls make a clean tutorial so i can understand PLS :3 and also NO OFFENCE :3 good job though on how yu helped plenty (I MEAN PLENTY) people :)

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