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How to Hook Up Two Subwoofers

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If you have premium speakers, you may wonder how to connect multiple subwoofers to a theater receiver. Top-tier subwoofer output should provide powerful bass frequencies for your music or movie audio setup. That said, you can have a smoother bass response and enhanced sound quality with a dual-subwoofer connection. So, if you want a powerful bass impact in your primary listening position, learn how to hook up two subwoofers.


  • You can hook up two subwoofers to your receiver with an RCA cable splitter or with two separate RCA cables.
  • Modern-day receivers often feature multiple sub-out connections for separate subwoofers.
  • If your receiver only features a single subwoofer terminal, you can connect one subwoofer to the receiver, then connect the other subwoofer to the original subwoofer.

How to Use Two Subwoofers with a Home Theater

Your audio setup will take up space, especially with surround speakers and multiple subwoofer channels. When learning how to set up subwoofers, your placement options will affect the speakers’ low-frequency output and audio levels. So, follow the subwoofer placement guidelines in our article on how to hide a subwoofer for the best results.

See our guide on connecting subwoofers to a TV, especially if you don’t have an AV receiver. Understanding the connection types, you may encounter can help tell if a subwoofer is blown.

Method 1: Theater Receiver has Two Subwoofer Outputs

STEP 1 Find the Subwoofer Speaker Terminals

Look at the back of your AV receiver and spot the subwoofer outputs. Most modern theater receivers feature at least two subwoofer outputs.

STEP 2 Connect the First Subwoofer

Install the first set of speaker cables in the receiver and run it to your first subwoofer.

STEP 3 Connect the First Subwoofer

Repeat step two with your second subwoofer. Ensure the speaker cable connections are secure and test your audio setup.

Method 2: Daisy Chain the Separate Subwoofers

STEP 1 Connect the First Subwoofer

If your receiver only offers one subwoofer output, you can use the output connection on your subwoofer. Connect the subwoofer cable to the first subwoofer.

STEP 2 Connect the Subwoofers

Spot the subwoofer output terminal on the connected subwoofer. Run a single RCA cable from the connected subwoofer to the subwoofer input on the second subwoofer.

Method 3: Use an RCA Splitter

STEP 1 Use an RCA Y-Cable Adapter

If your AV receiver only offers a single subwoofer connection, you can create two parallel signals with an RCA Y-cable adapter. Plug the adapter into the receiver into the subwoofer speaker terminal.

STEP 2 Connect the Subwoofers

Run a subwoofer cable from the splitter to both subwoofers. Ensure your speaker wire is long enough to reach the required speaker distances for your setup.

How to Hook Up Two Subwoofers FAQs

Where should I place dual subwoofers?

Your subwoofer placement will impact acoustics in your entire listening space, especially with additional subwoofers. Experts recommend placing your subwoofers in diagonal corners for the most impactful low-frequency signals. That said, mid-center subwoofer placement delivers a more balanced bass tone.

What is the dynamic range in audio?

The dynamic range of your speakers is a ratio of the quietest sound to the most audible sound. A good dynamic range for a speaker is about 90 decibels.

Should I clean my stereo speakers and subwoofers?

Certainly. Dirt and dust can build up over time and seep into the internals of your speaker system. Additionally, dust can affect the quality of your speaker terminals and wire connections. Use a dusting wand and microfiber cloth to give your speaker system a weekly wipe-down.

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