How to Hide Your Projector Screen

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Updated December 8, 2022

Understanding how to hide your projector screen can bring your space back under control. Having equipment out in the open makes your home feel cluttered. It’s easier to tuck away a smaller display device, like a DVD player. However, this can be a bit harder for your projector and elite screens.


  • There are multiple ways to hide your elite screens in plain sight, and many of these methods require very little to install.
  • Some popular ways to hide a screen include installing a ceiling mount, using the ceiling, or special housing.
  • For advice on installation, always look to the original manufacturer and any guides or packets they included with your purchase.

The best projectors require elite screens to produce the best screen experience. Make sure that you honor your elite screens with fitting projectors.

Hiding Your Projector Screen

With so many screen innovations out there, you’d think there would be ways to make screens visually appealing. Luckily, you’d be right. It’s easier than ever to hide away your elite screens and keep your spaces looking clean.

Insider Tip

Using a remote control during business presentations helps keep your team more engaged.

There are tons of ways to do this. Learning how to hang a projector screen opens you up to far more options.

Ideas for Hiding a Projection Screen

If you know what to use for a projector screen, you’ll find there are as many options to hide your screen as there are elite screens available. Some elite screens will have brand-recommended systems, and you can buy the installation kit through the manufacturer. However, there are a few ideas that are better than the rest. This industry has seen many screen innovations take hold and grow, and it’s time to modernize your approach.

Understanding the elite screens, you’re using is paramount. Asking, “What material is a projector screen made of?” and “How to get wrinkles out of a projector screen?” is a great start. No one wants to watch movies on a wrinkled screen! 

In a Coffered Ceiling

The coffered ceiling method is wildly popular. It can be expensive, however. You’ll need to have your ceiling professionally altered and then install a motorized projector screen. The motorized projector screen will roll up into the ceiling slot unless it’s in use.

This option provides a fantastic screen experience and allows you to take advantage of all the latest screen innovations.

Using Screen Housing

Some manufacturers will send fancy screen housing, but this is more common for elite screens. Installation kits aren’t expensive to purchase. Using a ceiling projection screen that tucks away into housing is affordable and the first choice for many.

Make sure that your installation kit is compatible with your elite screens. Most manufacturers will not cover damage if you use the wrong option.

Install Motorized Screens

A ceiling projection screen allows you to keep things out of sight. Motorization is a recent development and part of this industry’s many recent screen innovations. Many people choose a ceiling mount front projection screen for their home theater. Using a motorized option is an obvious next step.

These screen innovations can be pricey, but visual comfort always comes at a price.


Elite screens aren’t enough to overcome ambient light, so make sure you set up your projector in a place where light levels are controllable.


Why should I hide my projection screen?

Most people like their space to look clean and organized. Using ceiling screens that can tuck up out of the way keeps your home looking polished.

Are expensive screens worth the price tag?

While affordable screens are great for beginners, they can’t offer the same screen innovations as a higher-end model. Elite screens are almost always worth the price you pay.

Can I use my laptop screen with my projector?

Communication to the desktop from the projector is possible. Many people use their laptop display to find available media. If you’re streaming on your laptop screen, you should be able to transfer that to your projector.

What is the best screen color for my dedicated home cinema room?

A white screen is the most popular choice and generally the best. If you’re doing a contemporary home theater remodel, consider a black screen instead.

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