How to Hide From a Drone

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Updated June 27, 2022

Drones are now used by all sorts of people, from law enforcement and federal agencies to your next-door neighbor’s rambunctious child. Because of this, many find themselves asking how to hide from a drone if needed. Thankfully, even the top-rated drones are evaded with the proper knowledge. Below, we’ll show you how.


  • Drones can tack through GPS signals, facial recognition systems, and heat sensors.
  • It’s necessary to eliminate any digital footprint when avoiding drone surveillance, including cell phones.
  • Avoiding facial and object recognition requires changing outfits, covering yourself with special clothing, changing your gait, or wearing disguises.

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How to Hide from Drones

Drone technology is advancing at, for some, concerning speeds. And now, even common recreation and commercial drones can come equipt with facial recognition software. Such advances in drone surveillance are a good reason to know how to hide so that if you ever feel like the drone pilots are out to get you, you can evade them.

Insider Tip

Drones have gait-recognition software. So, it can be helpful to change the way one walks if trying to evade a drone.

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Lose All GPS Tracking Devices

For those who suspect that they are under aerial surveillance from a drone, the first thing to do is get rid of all wireless devices with digital signatures. Cellphones are the number one culprit and should be left at home or destroyed.

Find Ways to Block Drone Tracing Systems

Another way that drones can track is by machine vision and object tracking. You can often evade them by traveling during bad weather, such as heavy rain, fog, or snowstorms. Using harsh weather to hide can also help throw off drone tracking via heat signature or infrared sensors.

Another way to cover yourself is by using reflective material. Such materials could be a space blanket, a mirror, or an umbrella. You can even buy specific anti-surveillance clothing, like machine-readable blankets and hoodies.

Perhaps the most amusing and creative of these options is hiding from a drone via disguise. Disguises — the more elaborate, the better — can trick much drone-based facial-recognition software. These costumes can include anything from face paint to camouflage clothing. Anything with strange shapes, patterns, or reflectors can help throw off the tracking methods.


There are multiple ways to disarm a drone that are illegal and can leave people with fines from the FAA; these include disabling with lasers, firearms, anti-drone jammers, and hacking.


Is it possible to fly drones as a career?

There are an increasing number of opportunities for drone pilots. These can be anything from photography to delivery to security surveillance.

What kinds of things are drones used for?

Drones are used as both recreational tools and sports and for many commercial uses and military operations.

Can a criminal be identified if a drone is found at a crime scene?

While governments continue to legislate drone registration and licensing rules, it’s still difficult to precisely identify who was operating a drone in criminal situations.

STAT: Latest statistics from the FAA say that in the US there have been a total of 855,179. (source)

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