How to Get a VPN on an Xbox

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Updated February 10, 2023

While VPNs are typically considered essential tools for remote workers, they also have many other uses. The best VPNs protect data and bypass censorship and geo-restricted content. For these reasons, many gamers choose to connect to a VPN. If you have an Xbox and are curious about reaping the benefits of a virtual private network, keep reading. Below, we’ll explain how to get a VPN on an Xbox.


  • Setting up a VPN connection on your Xbox allows network users to bypass regional restrictions, such as streaming service content.
  • You need a Wi-Fi router, PC, or laptop to establish a VPN connection on your gaming console.
  • Both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 are capable of connecting to VPNs.

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Insider Tip

Using an ethernet cable instead of a wireless connection will increase connection speeds.

How to Use a VPN on Xbox

Xbox lovers are often disappointed that their console doesn’t come with native VPN support. But don’t worry, there are ways to get around this. Whether through your computer or a Wi-Fi router, the benefits of a VPN are just a few simple steps away.

We have a handful of helpful resources if you need help connecting a VPN to your other device first. For Apple users, find out how to connect to a VPN on a Mac. And for those using routers, check out our explainer on how to set up a VPN on a router.

How to Connect an Xbox to a VPN with a Wireless Internet Router

STEP 1 Create a VPN Account

Research the various VPN providers, and choose one that’s reputable and has plenty of international servers. Also, ensure that your router is VPN-compatible; not all are. After you create the account, sign in.

STEP 2 Locate the Router’s IP Address

Connect a device to your router, and find the “Default Gateway” address. You can find this for either Mac or Windows by entering the computer’s network settings.

STEP 3 Log Into Your Router

After tracking down the IP address, enter it into a browser search bar. When the login page comes up, enter your account information.

STEP 4 Find the Network Connection Tab

Depending on your router, the page to access network connections will be labeled something like “Network Connection,” “Network Setup,” “Network,” or “WAN Setup.”

STEP 5 Enter VPN Details

Type in the VPN account information.

STEP 6 Acces Xbox Network Settings

Turn on your Xbox, and go into Settings>General>Network Settings.

STEP 7 Enter Router Information

Press “Set up a wireless network.” Lastly, enter the router information.

How to Connect an Xbox to a VPN on a Windows Computer

STEP 1 Create a VPN Account

Research the various VPN services. After finding a reliable provider, download the VPN software and set up an account.

STEP 2 Connect the Xbox to the Computer

Use an ethernet cable to connect the gaming console and computer.

STEP 3 Open Computer Settings

Open the computer’s control panel. Then press “Network and Sharing Center.” Next, on the left-hand side of the screen, press “Change adaptor settings.” Then find the box that has the name of your VPN driver. Right-click the box and press “Properties.”

STEP 4 Enable Internet Sharing Capabilities

At the top of the window, press “Sharing.” Check the box, “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection.”

STEP 5 Test VPN Connection

Try to download a game that you know has geographical restrictions in your area. If you can download it, your connection works. If not, try changing the server location.

How to Connect an Xbox to a VPN on a Mac Computer

STEP 1 Create a VPN Account

Research the various VPN offerings. Choose one that’s reputable, download the software, and create your account.

STEP 2 Connect Your Gadgets

Use an ethernet cable to connect the computer and console.

STEP 3 Open Computer Settings

Enter your Mac’s “System Preferences.” Then click “Sharing.” Find the dropdown menu that says “Share your connection.” On the dropdown, select “Ethernet.” Next, check the box that says “Internet Sharing.”

STEP 4 Test VPN Connection

Ensure you’re connected to the VPN by trying to download or stream something restricted in your area.


Sometimes connecting to a VPN can constrict bandwidth, causing lag.

STAT: Over 25 million people subscribe to Xbox Game Pass as of 2021. (source)

How to Get a VPN on an Xbox FAQs

Is it legal to use a VPN on an Xbox?

Using a VPN is 100% legal. It’s only illegal when used to download illicit content, such as copyrighted material.

Why doesn’t Xbox allow VPN service apps?

VPNs don’t allow Xbox to track user data, so they’d rather discourage using private network connections.

Do free VPNs work for Xboxes?

They will work, but all free VPNs must be double-checked to ensure they don’t pose a security threat.
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