How to Get Into Drone Photography

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Updated June 27, 2022

The popularization of drones offers many new possibilities for photographers. But many find the idea of capturing photos and footage with a drone to be a daunting task. Below, we’ll show you how to get into drone photography, including what you need and some basic principles for getting started.


  • If you want to begin knowing how to take aerial photos with a drone, you’ll need a camera and camera harness.
  • When picking out the right equipment, it’s vital to remember to get a top drone and harness that can support the weight of your camera equipment.
  • Once everything is picked out, you’ll need to obtain recreational or commercial licensing to fly legally.

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How to Get Started in Drone Photography

Drones are excellent for aerial photography and capturing stunning scenery, whether for commercial or personal use. If you’re looking to get into the drone photography business or need to capture an aerial photo, you first need to purchase a camera and camera harness. Once you have these, you move on to your drone.

Insider Tip

If you are a complete novice as a drone operator, it can be good to buy a very cheap drone to get the hang of the controls.

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Understanding Drone Cameras

Capturing drone shots and aerial photos depends significantly on having the right camera. Many experts recommend going with a GoPro camera for beginners. GoPros work with most basic drone equipment, can capture great aerial shots, and don’t weigh that much.

The Harness

After you know what camera you want, you will need to buy something to harness it. Drone camera harnesses are also known as gimbals. They stabilize the camera so that drone pilots don’t have to worry about getting shaky or blurry photos.

Make sure you get a Gimbal that fits the camera and allows for the range of motion you need to capture footage.

Finding The Right Drone

If you are just getting started, you likely won’t want to go for a costly drone for photography. Drones range anywhere from under $100 to thousands of dollars. So once you know what type of equipment you need to attach to your drone and how much it will weigh, you can properly research and eventually purchase the right drone.

Registering Your Drone

Once you have all of your equipment, you’ll have to go through the testing, registration, and licensing process. If you intend on using the drone for business, you’ll have to get a commercial license. If you plan on using it for fun, you need to get a recreational permit.


Getting caught without a commercial drone license can cost violators up to $30,000 in fines.


What drones are the best for drone photography?

Advanced drones that are sturdier and can hold more weight will likely provide the most stable and accurate images.

How can you get better detail when capturing drone images?

Making sure you have a quality drone harness that doesn’t shake is one of the best ways to ensure clearer images.

Do I need a license to use my drone for real estate photography?

For any drone photography business, including real estate, you’ll have to obtain a commercial drone license through the Federal Aviation Association.

STAT: The test cost for getting a commercial drone license costs $175 as of 2022. (source)

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