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Updated October 27, 2022

Online reviews are one of the biggest factors in a business’s success, the vast majority of consumers report they look to online reviews before making buying decisions on a product. Facebook is the third most popular platform for customer reviews in the US, meaning that knowing how to get Facebook Reviews is an essential skill for a business owner.


  • Setting up your reviews tab and directly requesting reviews on a product from loyal customers are excellent ways to start getting Facebook reviews immediately.
  • Facebook is the third most popular online review platform and is essential to your business’s online presence.
  • Three-quarters of consumers say they’ll happily post feedback on a social network for a product if a business requests it personally.

There are a few simple ways to encourage customers to leave feedback and spread the word for potential new customers and repeat business, and they’re most fairly intuitive and easy to digest.

Why Facebook Reviews are Important

Over 90% of consumers say that they look at online reviews and star ratings for businesses before making a decision on a product. Obviously, that means online reviews have more impact than nearly any other factor of your online presence, but more than that, the number of reviews a business has on the three most popular platforms- Google, Amazon, and Facebook- directly affect its star ratings on those sites, which affects their ranking in search engines. That’s exactly why we need to show you how to get book reviews on Amazon.

Insider Tip

The reviews tab is the first and most obvious thing a user needs to start with when dealing with their business’s Facebook page.

A Positive review and even a negative review of a product or service can build customer trust if they’re responded to in a short time frame with authenticity and respect and can foster lasting relationships with customers- something that can’t be bought with apps and third-party marketing software.

How to Get More Facebook Reviews

Getting a customer to post a Facebook review isn’t rocket science, but there are some tips, guidelines, and techniques that are essential knowledge for a Facebook Business Page user when it comes to customer feedback.

The design of your Facebook page is obviously important when it comes to making a customer’s engagement with it as easy and pleasant as possible, but building a relationship with your customers should be the priority of any business. Even softening the feedback of negative customers is important, which is a reason for you to know how to get Google reviews.

Using the Facebook Reviews Tab

The reviews tab is the first and most obvious thing a user needs to start with when dealing with their business’s Facebook page. It’s a simple process that goes as follows:

  1. Select and click on “Settings” on your page.
  2. In the settings menu, select “Edit”.
  3. Under the section labeled “Tabs,” turn on the “Use default tabs” option.
  4. From the choices of tabs, click “Add a tab,” then add the “Reviews” tab.

Your reviews tab will appear, ready for customers to post Facebook reviews and ratings.

Request Facebook Reviews from Customers

The easiest and most effective way to get a customer to post a review on your business’s Facebook page is to ask for one. There are a few different ways to approach this as a Facebook user with a business page.

  • Embed Facebook reviews to your business site and other review platforms with a link to your Facebook review tab.
  • Send a Facebook Review request via a direct link using the custom link found on your review settings page after you set up your reviews tab. Use this link in direct messages, email lists, or other communications with a customer with a call to action for feedback.
  • Reach out to a repeat customer with personalized messages asking for engagement and feedback on your Facebook page. Keeping a list of loyal and happy customers for this purpose is a good idea.

Respond to Reviews

Responding to reviews is incredibly important to increase customer engagement and build customer trust, increasing the likelihood of customers recommending your business to other potential customers. It’s absolutely worth the time and cost per action, even for a small or one-person business.

A basic guideline to responses is to make them as personal and sincere as possible, and if they’re negative, lead with an apology and an acceptance of responsibility. The latter can often turn an unhappy customer into one who may give you another chance and even update a bad review if you’ve given them a better experience a second time around. Again, keeping a list of these interactions can help a lot to organize your workload when it comes to social media.


What are Facebook Business Page Reviews and Star Ratings?

If you enable ratings and views in the settings menu of your business’s Facebook page, it allows customers to post feedback about your business, products, or services. There are two different kinds of feedback customers can leave- a star rating by itself, or a star rating with a review attached.

How do I get the reviews tab to appear on my Facebook page?

Under “settings”, click on “tabs” and click through the options until you get to “add review tab”.

What are the potential disadvantages of Facebook reviews?

Arguably there aren’t any major disadvantages to Facebook reviews that are different than other platforms, but the potential of negative reviews to damage reputation (though some argue even bad reviews are better than none), time resources used monitoring and engaging on Facebook, and rating abuse is three possible downsides to Facebook reviews.

Keep in mind that if you do get unfair reviews on the social platform, there are ways to remove a fake review on Facebook. Moreover, you can also buy Facebook reviews, but that’s a form of cheating business practice.

STAT: 84% of consumers report that they trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family (source)

STAT: 77% of consumers say they’re willing to leave an online review if specifically asked by a business, whether or not they’re happy customers. (source)

STAT: 93% of consumers look at online reviews before making purchase decisions. (source)

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