How to Get Deep Bass from Subwoofers

Updated: Oct 20, 2023 11:22 AM
how to get deep bass from subwoofer

If you have premium speakers, you should know how to get the most bass from subwoofers for quality sound. Top-rated subwoofer output should provide a robust bass response for low-frequency sounds. If you enjoy bass-heavy music or action movies, you can make subwoofer-level adjustments to ensure a deep thump. So, stick around to learn how to get deep bass from subwoofers.


  • Adjust your subwoofer volume to ensure it is balanced with your sound system.
  • Place your subwoofer near a corner, and consider switching to a ported enclosure.
  • Refine the crossover frequency, and seek higher-quality audio content for deeper bass output.

How to Get Deeper Bass from Subwoofers

Getting the most from your subwoofer takes some time, but you don’t need to be an audio enthusiast to attain deep bass tones. You can have improved listening sessions with a few adjustments thanks to enhanced low-frequency sounds.

Insider Tip

An external amplifier can provide enhanced control over your subwoofer and speaker system.

Subwoofer Volume

While it may sound silly, your subwoofer volume might be too low. Some sound systems feature different volume controls for the subwoofer and stereo units. Increase your subwoofer volume until the bass levels are balanced with the front and rear speakers.

Learning how to adjust subwoofers is critical to ensure sound quality for your favorite music and action movies. That said, you’ll need to learn how to fix a blown subwoofer if you supersede the recommended bass levels for the system.

Subwoofer Placement

Your subwoofer placement can affect your sound quality and bass tones. Place your subwoofer between 8 and 12 inches away from a corner, and you should experience impactful bass. That said, you may lose a bit of tonal clarity. A subwoofer’s bass settings and hardware will affect the deep bass output of the system and inform how to hide a subwoofer.

Ported Enclosure

Ported subwoofers offer louder bass tones thanks to a larger enclosure and vented sides. The vents and large enclosure allow more air into the subwoofer, delivering more impactful bass tones than sealed models. That said, you will lose some bass accuracy and clarity compared to a sealed subwoofer.


You will experience poor sound performance by using a bass guitar amp for music or movie playback.

The subwoofer type you have and how it operates affects the fundamental tone and maximum volume you should use. So, learn what is a passive radiator subwoofer to see how alternative hardware affects the blend of bass power and frequency control.

Crossover Frequency

Your subwoofer should pick up about 10 Hz above the bottom range of your stereo speakers. For example, if your speaker’s lowest frequency is 70 Hz, you should set the subwoofer’s crossover frequency to 80 Hz.

Higher-Quality Audio Content

Your subwoofers won’t deliver good bass with low-quality audio content. Consider upgrading your streaming service or switching to physical media for the highest-quality audio source and bass performance.

STAT: According to Neuroscience 2nd Edition, humans can detect a frequency range of about 20 Hz to 200 kHz. (source)

How to Get Deep Bass from Subwoofers FAQs

How do I clean a subwoofer?

Use a damp microfiber cloth to clean the subwoofer enclosure, but do not use liquid cleaners with alcohol, ammonia, or bleach. Dust the subwoofer cones with a dusting wand or lint-free microfiber cloth.

What is a good frequency range for a subwoofer?

A good subwoofer should offer a frequency range between 20 and 200 Hz. That said, expensive subwoofers meant for studio production or a movie theater should provide a deeper bass range between 80 and 100 Hz.

Can I connect a Bluetooth subwoofer to an old AV receiver?

A Bluetooth subwoofer features a built-in wireless receiver, and you can connect it to an analog AV receiver with a wireless adapter. Plug the wireless transmitter into the RCA or mono-speaker-level input, and pair the Bluetooth subwoofer. If you notice input lag, try reconnecting the transmitter to the subwoofer’s built-in wireless receiver.

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