How Do I Get a VPN On My Phone?

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Updated February 10, 2023

As tech users further understand security threats associated with the internet, they continue finding ways to clad themselves in digital armor, like VPNs. The best VPNs boost data privacy and prevent hackers and predatory service providers from lifting personal information. However, many don’t know how to install them. So for those wondering, “How do I get a VPN on my phone?” keep reading, and we’ll show you exactly how to do this.


  • Virtual private networks (VPNs) encrypt user activity so hackers and internet providers can’t harvest and abuse data.
  • All smartphones can connect to VPNs through an online server or by downloading an app from the app store. Both ways are simple and can be installed and connected within minutes.
  • Research and review any VPN service before connecting it to your mobile phone.

For those just starting, we have a great primer explaining what cyber security is and why it’s essential for your safety.

How Do You Get a VPN on Your Phone

Virtual private networks (VPNs) allow users to encrypt their online activity while using public networks. They protect data by jumbling web and app history, removing coherence for those trying to interpret the recorded info. For this reason, many companies and internet users adopt a VPN provider to add an extra layer of online security.

Insider Tip

When looking for a VPN app, try not to download one of the apps that say “Sponsored.” This tip applies to both Apple and Android devices.

Understanding how to use a VPN is not complex. Of course, some geographic regulations must first be understood, such as the countries where VPNs are illegal. But once you know the basics, setting up your laptop or mobile device to connect to the private server is simple.

The concept of VPN providers is relatively new and requires some studying to understand them fully. For more info on this, check out our article that shows how VPNs work with Wi-Fi.

Using a VPN with iPhone With an App

STEP 1 Choose and Download a VPN App

Go into the Apple App Store and research the various VPN protection apps.

STEP 2 Connect to VPN

Once the app is installed, open and locate the connection button.

STEP 3 Confirm VPN Connection

After pressing the connection button, check that the secure connection is successful by swiping down to open the general settings menu. Look to the top left next to the Wi-Fi symbol, and you should see a small icon that says “VPN.”

Using a VPN With iPhone Without an App

STEP 1 Choose a VPN Service

Research the various VPN service networks and find one that is trusted and highly recommended.

STEP 2 Enter iPhone’s VPN Settings

Enter into your iPhone’s settings page. At the top of the screen, type “VPN” into the search bar. Then press the option at the top of the screen that says, “General > VPN.”

STEP 3 Enter VPN Details

Press “Add VPN configuration.” Find the correct VPN network information online and enter it into the configuration page. Set the password and username, and then press “Done.”

STEP 4 Confirm VPN Connection

To confirm that you’re connected, pull down the general settings menu and look in the upper left-hand corner to ensure there is a “VPN” icon.

Using a VPN With Android With an App

STEP 1 Choose and Download a VPN App

Go into the Google Play App Store and look through the various VPN options. After selecting a trusted option, download it and open the app.

STEP 2 Connect to VPN

Find the option to connect your device, press it, and wait for it to confirm the secured connection.

STEP 3 Confirm VPN Connection

To confirm that you’ve completed a connection, check the top of your phone screen and see if there’s a small key icon.

Using a VPN With Android Without an App

STEP 1 Choose a VPN Service

Once you’ve researched and selected a trusted VPN web service, enter your Android phone’s settings menu.

STEP 2 Enter Android’s VPN Settings

Under the “Wireless & Networks” section, click the option “More.” Press the option that says “VPN.”

STEP 3 Enter VPN Details

Hit the “+” button in the upper-right-hand corner and then enter a name for the VPN, the type of server, and the server address. Then press “Save.” Enter a username and password to establish a connection and press “Connect.”

STEP 4 Confirm VPN Connection

To confirm that you’re connected to the VPN, see if there is a small key icon at the top of your phone screen.


Do your best to stay away from free VPNs. You’ll find many online, but they are notorious for being unsafe. In addition, they are often operated by people looking to take and sell user data.

STAT: About one-third of all internet users use some form of VPN. (source)

How Do I Get a VPN On My Phone FAQs

Does using a VPN drain your battery?

VPNs require more energy because additional programs and signals are constantly operating in the background.

Should you leave your device connected to a VPN all the time?

If you are constantly dealing with sensitive data, it can be wise always to leave it on the VPN. However, this will drain your battery faster than usual.

What should I look for in a VPN?

The main thing is to check that it is a legitimate, safe, and highly-reviewed service. The next thing you should confirm is that the servers are in your country, which yields a better connection.
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