How to Flip Your Drone

Updated: Jul 5, 2023 6:10 PM
How to Flip Your Drone

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Difficulty Medium
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Time Required 1+ hours
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Even if you have the greatest drone, it takes some serious practice to learn how to flip a drone. A drone pilot needs to be comfortable with their flight controller before performing power loops or double flips. That said, drone enthusiasts of all skill levels can learn to perform cool tricks with a bit of practice. So, let’s dig into some drone tips and learn how to do a flip with a drone.


  • Most drones can perform tricks and unorthodox maneuvers with the flight controller.
  • Pilots typically need manual control over their stunt drone for the coolest tricks.
  • Pilots have to use the left stick and roll stick in manual flight mode to perform flips.

How to Flip a Drone

You’ll first need to know how to connect the drone to the controller before you can start flying. In addition, we recommend learning how to race drones before attempting to do flips. You want to be comfortable with flying at constant speeds while wearing FPV goggles, or you may experience motion sickness while trying to master flips.

Insider Tip

It is a bad idea for a drone novice to attempt coordinated moves like flips or rolls without practicing for a few hours in expert mode.

Once you master this challenging and impressive trick, learn how to edit drone footage for a fantastic stunt highlight.


Set your drone to manual or acro mode. With this mode on, you are responsible for manually keeping the drone level.


Get comfortable flying your drone in manual mode by practicing turns and landing with your FPV goggles.


When you feel ready, fly at a constant speed and increase your drone’s elevation while pitching the drone up with the controller.


Keep increasing your speed and pitching the drone until you pass a 90-degree angle with the ground.


Once the drone inverts, drop your throttle so the motors don’t pull the drone towards the ground.


When the ground reappears in your FPV goggles, increase the throttle to accelerate out of the loop smoothly.


Drones can crash at crazy speeds while trying to do a fancy flip. Ensure that you practice your tricks in a wide-open area free from cars, people, and pets.


Can a drone do a barrel roll?

Most drones can do a barrel roll, but an absolute drone novice would have difficulty pulling it off. That said, some AI-driven autonomous drones can do barrel rolls and other tricks with programmed paths or drone controller shortcuts from human pilots.

What is a stunt drone?

Stunt drones focus less on flight distance but offer modes for advanced acrobatic flight. While most units can do drone stunts, some models feature control commands that make performing diagonal flips and other maneuvers easy. Additionally, stunt-focused models typically offer an integrated action camera or a camera slot.

Can all drones do loops?

Drone operators need a good flight foundation before pulling off any tricks, regardless of which model they have. Even your average racing drone can perform a massive “O”-shaped loop or barrel roll. That said, some models, like the Mavic Air, are better equipped to maintain a constant speed while pulling off specialized maneuvers.

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