How to Fix the Treble on a Gaming Headset

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Updated February 11, 2023

Since many gaming headphones feature a bass-heavy sound, you may wonder how to fix the treble on a gaming headset. The best gaming headsets offer free software to adjust your volume for different sound frequencies. If you have to have the best possible sound quality, check out our guide on the top audiophile gaming headphones.


  • Before purchasing your new device, you should consider the type of headset sound you want.
  • Download the drivers and software for your headset model to access the equalizer.
  • Your EQ settings will differ from others, so you should experiment with the frequencies.

You will need a compatible computer or laptop, your headset, and the manufacturer’s software and sound drivers to access this feature. If you have a wireless headset, it should have come with a USB cable for charging your device inside the package. Also, learn how to fix static in a gaming headset to maximize your sound quality. And if your mic sounds like it’s lagging, read our methods on how to fix latency in a gaming headset mic.

How to Turn Bass Boost on a Gaming Headset Off

Eliminating the bass boost on a wireless gaming headset is as simple as opening the equalizer on your computer. However, different manufacturers use varying software for their sound profiles, so you must download the correct software. You can learn more by reading our article on how to equalize a gaming headset. You can also read how to make a gaming headset louder if your volume seems too low.

You should also note that your equalizer settings for all frequency range levels are set to your audio quality preferences for your game or music experience. If you want to use an online recommendation from an audiophile, experiment with the suggested settings to find something you like. Also, check out our article on how to get a headset to work on Xbox if you are struggling to connect.

Insider Tip

You may need to find the EQ software on the brand’s website.

The Process


Select your new gaming headset. If you want a bass-heavy sound range designed for gaming, you may purchase a wireless gaming headset or a wired gaming headset. For a more balanced, natural sound, choose a pair of headphones with noise-canceling sound settings designed for music. Most headphones include an amp to reduce background noise, but you will need to buy one if yours does not.


Connect your headset to your PC using a wireless USB dongle or the headphone jack. Next, you need a compatible computer for the software quality of your headset. In most cases, a quality, Windows-based computer will work. Finally, if you have a Bluetooth headset, you still need to connect it using an audio cable or a compatible USB cable.


Download the software from your headset manufacturer. Some manufacturers have their software set up, so you receive a prompt when connecting the headset. Others have the drivers downloadable from their websites. If your headset is one of the latter, search for your device’s model on Google.


Open the software once it has finished downloading and select “Custom.” You will be able to adjust the treble, bass, and more specific frequencies’ volumes in this menu. Since you are not using a preset, you must set your EQ as custom.


Your settings will differ from other people’s, so don’t just use someone else’s settings. Play around with the sound if you plan to use your headset while gaming, try running a game in the background and adjusting the frequencies to fit your needs. Likewise, play music or a movie in the background to adjust for this kind of content.


Save your preferences before closing the program. If you forget to do this step, your audio device may not keep the settings. You should be able to switch output devices with the same settings.


You may not like the recommended settings from other people, so adjust the sound accordingly.


How do you get the most out of your gaming headset mic?

Your microphone should be slightly away from your face. To minimize background noise, you can adjust the microphone sensitivity and volume in your device’s settings.

Do bass-heavy headphones benefit gaming?

It depends on who you ask. Some prefer a pair of headphones with less bass to highlight footsteps for better response, while others love hearing the game’s audio as the developers intended on gaming headphones.

How do I reduce sibilance in headphones?

Many headphones include microphones with a design that reduces the wide range of treble responses. Because of this, you will hear less sibilance. If you want even less, you can move the mic away from your face or adjust its input settings.

STAT: You can make sure you hear the slightest movement or event in the game by tuning the sound frequencies from your PC. (source)

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