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How to Fix a Spring in a Coffee Maker

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Updated February 12, 2023

Learning how to fix the spring in your coffee maker will keep hot coffee from leaking out of your appliance. This is a common problem most don’t know they can fix.


  • First, you’ll take apart your ground basket and remove the o-ring. This allows the plunger to pop out and reveals the spring causing a leak when you brew coffee.
  • Next, clean all parts thoroughly, like the sticky rails and any amounts of ground coffee accumulating on these parts. Then, brew coffee to see if you were successful.
  • You can take care of a wide range of coffee maker issues with a bit of know-how and a couple of tools. If your DIY method doesn’t work, just buy a new model.

If you invest in the best coffee maker in your budget, you’ll want it to last a long time. Commercial brands are notorious for replacing small appliances rather than fixing them. A wide range of coffee maker issues is fixable by you, however. Keep reading, and we’ll go over how to do so for this issue in particular.

Fixing Your Brew Station Spring Problem

Your grind basket is made of several parts. These can quickly become dirty through brewing coffee, especially if you don’t often clean. Automatic coffee makers need thorough cleaning at least once biweekly to stay in good shape.

If you accumulate coffee on your warming element, rust will form. In that case, knowing how to fix a coffee maker hot plate will be your next step on the DIY path. Alternatively, if your hot plate doesn’t work at all, you may need a new thermal fuse kit. Don’t worry, we have you covered there too and you can read about how to replace a thermal fuse in a coffee maker.

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Hamilton Beach is one of the best brands around. Many report their personal experience with customer service as more satisfactory than other brands.


Open the upper chamber of your coffee machine, and take out the paper filter from your last brew cycle. Dump the paper filter in the garbage. If you’re not cleaning out coffee filters from your coffee basket immediately, you might be met with a musty coffee scent. In that case, knowing how to get rid of a coffee smell in a coffee maker will come in handy.


Remove the basket holder. Flip it upside down, and you should see a dome with a spring inside of it. There are plastic rails that wrap downward, stopping before the spout that dispenses hot coffee.

STAT: In 2020, espresso-based beverages were among the most popular gourmet coffee beverages in the United States. (source)


Take your coffee pot and push the top of the lid against the spout. This should cause the plunger to pop up, which you’ll see in the basket holder. There is a small, white o-ring. Remove this ring.


Next, pull the plastic dome on the bottom of your basket holder. It should pop right out, along with the spring.


You should now have the dome, spring, and o-ring in hand. If you’ve lost any of these parts, look into new drip coffee makers to purchase. Most major brands won’t be able to send you any of these parts as a replacement.


While some repair centers offer a coffee equipment service, it is less expensive to replace your appliance.


Take your wet paper towel and gently remove any coffee grinds preventing the plunger from popping up. Clean the plastic guides. Having clean guide rails is crucial. Dry all parts thoroughly to avoid rust.


Put all parts of your filter holder back together. Place the correct size coffee filter in, and pour in a bed of coffee grounds. Brew some fresh coffee and see if the leak is corrected. If not, some major brands offer warranties and will replace your model. Otherwise, it’s time for a new appliance.


How do I make my morning cup of coffee strong?

To make a stronger batch of coffee, use the correct coffee brewing method. Drip coffee makers create weak coffee compared to other models, so investing in a French Press or Moka pot is a better bet.

What method should I use to clean my filter basket?

Cleaning your filter basket is essential for a successful brewing cycle. Soaking your brewing basket in hot water and vinegar will remove the majority of stuck-on coffee grinds.

Does the type of ground coffee I use matter?

Coffee specialists all agree that the quality of coffee grounds matters. Using high-quality coffee grinders will help release better coffee flavor, as well.

Are repairs to coffee makers worth doing myself?

Carrying out repairs to coffee makers can be more expensive than replacing your automatic models. Most coffee specialists agree that it’s better to purchase a new coffee maker rather than use a coffee equipment service in a repair center.

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