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How to Fix a Mouse on a Computer

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If you are new to the world of digital accessories, you may wonder how to fix a mouse on a computer. Even the best computer mouse in the world is susceptible to varied issues that require immediate repair or maintenance. So what causes common mouse problems, and what can be done to resolve them? Keep reading to find out.


  • Wired mice and wireless mice experience all kinds of repair and maintenance issues, though there are many fixes.
  • Start resolving any problem by downloading and installing the new driver update for the wireless mouse and connecting via the USB port.
  • You should also look to decrease signal interference from other wireless devices and thoroughly clean your workspace to improve external mouse performance.

What Causes Computer Mouse Issues?

If you ever wonder why your mouse is not working, you are not alone. Modern computer mice fall victim to large and small issues, even if you learned how to use a mouse with a PS4. The underlying causes are varied and fall in both the hardware and software spectrums, leading many to learn how to repair mouse buttons. Luckily, there are plenty of things to try to resolve the issue.

Insider Tip

In rare cases, the issue could be an internal hardware malfunction, in which case the mouse requires replacement or a professional repair.

How Do You Fix a Computer Mouse?

Here are some tips to resolve any problems you are having with a computer mouse.

Update Drivers

Mouse drivers require regular updates like any other gadget connected to your computer. When these drivers fall out of date, it leads to many maintenance issues. Download and install the new drivers by following prompts via any adjacent mouse software or head to the mouse manufacturer’s web portal to look for direct downloads. Once you have installed the update, restart both the mouse and computer and see if the problem persists.

Disconnect Other Devices

It is common for wireless mice to get tangled up with the signals created by related devices. In other words, signal interference is not your friend. Resolve this issue by unpairing every gadget and shutting Bluetooth down. When you restart Bluetooth, start by connecting the mouse and other accessories one at a time. If this trick works, your mouse will exhibit the same symptoms when one of the gadgets is connected to Bluetooth.

STAT: Most RF (radio) wireless mice should work automatically when you plug them into your computer. (source)

Clean Your Surface

A mouse is only as good as its work surface. If you are having tracking or movement issues, or if your mouse appears sluggish, a debris-filled work surface is likely a culprit. Give your workspace a good and thorough cleaning, and allow any cleaning liquids to dry before reintroducing the mouse to the area. Also, replace any old mouse pads with new models to allow for increased traction during use.

Fixing a Mouse FAQs

Why is my laptop touchpad not working?

A laptop’s touchpad is similar to a standard mouse pointer and mouse button. Troubleshoot by downloading new driver software and adjusting any relevant settings.

How do you fix a laptop mouse that’s not working?

If your laptop mouse pointer is not working, start by refreshing the driver software via USB port or direct download. Next, clean the mouse button and related components. Finally, eliminate unneeded devices from the wireless receiver.

What do you do if resetting doesn’t work?

Resetting your mouse pointer is only one tool in your arsenal. Try updating the driver via the USB port, cleaning the components like the mouse button, and refreshing the wireless receiver to get rid of unnecessary input devices.

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