How to Fix Monitor Resolution Changes While Gaming

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Updated June 27, 2022

Learning how to fix monitor resolution changes while gaming can assist you in correcting the wrong views on your screen. This way, you’re not questioning if your gaming monitor is worth it. Even if you have a quality or large monitor like the best 27″ monitor, resolution changes left unfixed can negatively impact your gaming experiences. Ideally, the resolution setting in Windows 10 does not reconfigure itself. Yet, some gamers say that their monitor’s resolutions alter from the factory setting. In some cases, the monitor’s resolution changes due to corrupt or incompatible graphics. This can even happen to the top-rated gaming monitors.


  • Many users experience a reconfiguration of their Windows 10 resolution settings.
  • When purchasing a good gaming monitor, look for one with the auto-calibration feature.
  • Always check to see if you have the latest version of Windows 10.

So, to understand how you can fix the issue while gaming, let us look at the steps below.

How to Reconfigure the Monitor Resolution Changes


The auto-calibration button can be in an inaccessible position in the monitor’s options menu; take time to look for it. You will not see the “auto” button for laptops since the laptop’s display will auto-calibrate when you change the resolution. If your monitor does not recalibrate, then it might be because of these two reasons:

Your Monitor Does Not Support the Resolution

If you can view 1600×900 on your screen with the native 60Hz refresh rate, but you are only viewing it at 57Hz, then your display can shift, or the monitor can display a black screen. However, without an auto-calibration feature, then the resolution you are planning to use will not work. The solution is reverting it to 60Hz so that you can game smoothly.

To do this, launch the game, go to the “Display” menu in the game and change it to the native resolution. If you cannot find the option of changing the display’s resolution in your game, read on.

The Operating System Does not Support the Resolution

Firstly, please get the latest Windows 10 edition and install it on your machine. The latest Windows 10 edition offers support for a wide array of display refresh rates; this was not the case in previous versions. To check the version of Windows you are using, click Start and type “winver” (without quotes), and press enter. The window that appears will have the “OS Build” number. First, ensure that you have the latest version. For instance, as of May 18th, 2021, the latest Windows 10 build number is 19043. Second, ensure that you download the latest version of the video card driver directly from the manufacturer’s website. So, it is always good to check on these details every month. It is also important to know the nits brightness of the monitor you’re purchasing, to be sure you’re getting a good quality screen.


Purchase a video card that has a good rating on e-commerce websites. In addition, go for one with a 30-day money guarantee that allows you to return it if it has any issues. Also, remember to always update your video card in order to prevent your monitor from going to sleep while gaming.


How can I fix stuttering in my game’s setting?

Although hardware issues are the first to fix, modifying the game’s settings can also resolve the issue. First, you can see your PC’s capability by accessing the in-game benchmarking tool available in most games. Then, manually reconfigure these settings to get the best gaming experience.

What is screen stuttering?

You will experience this issue when gaming because of the delays between the GPU and the display. Screen stuttering when playing online will make your gaming appear laggy and feel slow.

How do I change the screen resolution to 1080p?

The first option is to go to the “Display Settings/Advanced Settings” and put the recommended option. The second option is to go to the game settings and change the screen resolution.

STAT: Most games will not run smoothly unless the display scaling is at 100%. (source)

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