How to Fix a Microwave Door Hinge

Updated: Jul 5, 2023 6:09 PM
How to Fix a Microwave Door Hinge
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If you have been using your microwave oven for a while, you may wonder how to fix a microwave door hinge. The best microwaves, after all, can still run into issues with frequent use. Keep reading to learn all about microwave door hinges and how to repair them.


  • Microwave doors can become cracked or a hinge pin and hinge screw can fail over time.
  • To repair a microwave oven door, start by unplugging the microwave oven and assessing any signs of damage.
  • Remove the microwave oven door via the hinge pins and gently place it on a padded towel before conducting any repairs.

Fixing a Microwave Door Hinge

The steps to repair a microwave door hinge will vary depending on the design of your microwave, but we have still arranged some general tips to get you started. For more great guides like this, check out our articles discussing how to clean a burnt microwave and when should you repair or replace your microwave.

Insider Tip

You can often find replacement parts, including door hinges, on the manufacturer’s website.

STEP 1 Power Down

You should always make sure the microwave is powered down before any maintenance procedure. You can also go an extra step by turning off power to the whole area via the junction box. While you are at it, put on safety gloves just in case the microwave still has some residual power. You can also take this time to do some general microwave maintenance, in case you were wondering how to clean microwave filters.

STEP 2 Open the Microwave Door and Assess

Carefully open up the microwave door and assess any damage to the hinge or related components. Take a look at any hinge pins or screws that affix the door to the microwave cavity. If you are performing repairs to an over-the-range microwave, you can take this time to learn how to clean microwave vents.

STEP 3 Remove the Door

Once you have ascertained the actual problem with the microwave door, you can begin the repair process. Start by carefully removing the door itself. Use a screwdriver or a related tool to remove any screws and hinge pins. Afterward, place the door face down on a towel or padding of some kind.

STEP 4 Repair the Issue

It is time to actually repair the issue, though these repairs will vary depending on your microwave and what is actually wrong with the door. Start by gluing up cracks and replacing the screws and hinge pins.

STEP 5 When in Doubt, Check the Instructions

Your microwave oven’s instruction manual should include instructions on how to conduct simple repair tasks. If you can’t find the manual, head to the manufacturer’s web portal or you can even hit up YouTube for a simple tutorial. Failing that, contact a professional for repairs.


How do I adjust the door on my Frigidaire microwave?

Each Frigidaire microwave is fairly unique, so door adjustments will vary depending on the make.

Why do you have a squeaky microwave turntable?

If your glass tray or turntable is squeaky or making noise during use, it could be something as simple as lubrication, though it could also be a sign of something more serious. Take a microwave break as you assess any issues.

Should you repair or replace a noisy microwave?

If your microwave oven is noisy, you should first conduct common maintenance tasks. It could just be errant food particles. Before conducting actual microwave repair, consult with a professional to suss out the cost.

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