How to Fix a Hoverboard Charger

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Updated February 13, 2023

A broken hoverboard charger can raise a serious dent in the playing time of your favorite hoverboard. How do we know a hoverboard charger is broken? Sometimes, a charger may fully charge a hoverboard before the hoverboard drains quickly after only five to ten minutes. It may even fail to charge entirely. What do we do in the event a hoverboard charger does not charge fast enough or at all? Keep reading to learn more about troubleshooting hoverboard chargers, what to do if your hoverboard charger gets hot, and how to diagnose and repair hoverboard issues, including defective chargers, depleted batteries, and misaligned charging ports. We even have a guide on how to charge your hoverboard without the charger. Additionally, if you are experiencing other problems, we have great guides on how to fix the Bluetooth on your hoverboard as well as how to fix hoverboard scratches.

All About Your Hoverboard Charger

On average, it takes four hours for a hoverboard to charge from empty to full. A hoverboard charger usually holds color-coded lighting to indicate status, with a green light indicating a full charge and a red light indicating not fully charged. A red light could also be indicative of a defective battery.

When charging, your hoverboard charger will show red initially until it is partially or fully charged. Depending on the hoverboard charger, lights may appear as flashing green or solid green states.

As a general rule, ensure that your hoverboard charger is the correct one for your hoverboard. Hoverboards accept a 24 or 36-volt charger, depending on the model.

Tip: As a general rule, ensure that your hoverboard charger is the correct one for your hoverboard

What Do I Do if My Hoverboard Charger Gets Hot?

It depends. If your hoverboard charger gets hot while the unit is charging, it is fine. If the hoverboard is not being charged and gets hot, then it may be a sign of a defect. Check for a holographic UL-certification sticker, which ensures it adheres to fire and electrical safety standards. Chargers should also be UL-certified.

How Do I Fix a Hoverboard Charger?

There are several ways to fix a hoverboard charger. Some chargers break down or malfunction due to a misaligned charging port, depleted battery, or wiring problem. If none of these fixes work, you can check out our article on hoverboard charger prices to see how much it will be to replace your broken one.

Here are steps you can take to diagnose an issue with your hoverboard charger.

1) Plug in your hoverboard charger to reveal a green light.

2) Plug in your hoverboard charger to your hoverboard to reveal a red light.

3) If neither your hoverboard charger’s green or red lights flash, it may be a sign of a defective battery or poorly configured electrical outlet. Try switching outlets and repeat Steps 1 and 2.

4) If green or red lights continue not to flash, there is likely an issue with your battery, defective wiring, or a misaligned charging port.

5) If your hoverboard battery’s indicator flashes orange, it is a sign of a defective battery requiring replacement.

Here are steps you can take to fix a misaligned charging port.

1) Locate the charge port, which holds a plastic plug and three pins.

2) Ensure your charger cord sits flush with the tab before plugging it in.

3) Check to see that the charger light turns red upon entry and green once partially or fully charged.

Here are steps you can take to check and replace a depleted battery.

Sometimes, your battery management system (BMS) on the battery is shot to bits. If too much amperage is detected, your power may be compromised.

1) Locate the side of the hoverboard with the power and charge buttons.

2) Using a Philips head screwdriver, unscrew all of the screws on the opposite side shell.

3) Remove the shell.

4) Carefully pull up all of the cables. Some are bound by hot glue, and others require a simple pinch clasp to remove.

6) Use your Philips head screwdriver to remove screws from the battery’s cage.

7) Slide out the battery.

8) Reconnect a replacement battery, sliding it back into the panel.

9) Complete Steps 2 through 6 in reverse order.


According to, some battery charging and powering-up issues can be rectified by disconnecting the charger and the battery for around 30 seconds




How to Fix a Hoverboard Charger FAQ

Why is my hoverboard charger not working?

There are many reasons why a hoverboard may fail to work. Sometimes, a defective hoverboard battery may not retain a charge due to an incorrect three-pin alignment or internal problem caused by a bad motherboard. Other times, if not UL-certified, it could explode or catch fire after overheating.

Do all hoverboards take the same charger?

Not all hoverboards take the same charger. Some chargers have as low as a 29.4 V/1.2 A configuration and others as high as 42V-2A. Most hoverboard chargers use AC adapters. be sure your hoverboard’s charger is UL-2272 safety certified, under warranty, and has some form of moisture proofing and short circuit protection. Be sure your hoverboard charger is designed for your hoverboard.

How much does it cost to get a hoverboard fixed?

It depends. Replacement batteries usually cost no more than $30. However, more serious issues caused by motherboard misfires and defective internal components could require an entire replacement of the hoverboard. If connectivity is an issue, you might need to fix the Bluetooth on your hoverboard as well.

Why does my hoverboard die so fast?

There are many reasons why a hoverboard can die quickly. First, consider weight load. a heavier than average weight load could cause the battery to die out faster. Also, consider terrain type and riding behavior. Heavy, stunt-like riding behaviors on rough terrain could cause the battery to become fatigued and internal and external points to disintegrate over time. Our recommendation for extending hoverboard battery life is not to max out top speeds. If your average battery life lasts no more than two hours, it is indicative of a serious issue.

How expensive is a hoverboard?

Hoverboards run a wide gamut in terms of pricing. A decent hoverboard can cost as low as $200. As with almost all things, the more you pay, the more powerful the motor. Some of the more potent hoverboards have enhanced features, such as oversized 2-inch wheels, better slope and grade climbs, Bluetooth app compatibility, and the choice of beginner, normal, and advanced modes to accommodate all types of riders.
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