How to Repair Over-the-Ear Headphones Pads

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Updated February 10, 2023

Even the best headphones will eventually face overwhelming wear and tear. If you’ve invested in the best over-ear headphones, you’ll want to try and save them rather than just buy a new pair. That’s why we’ll teach you how to repair over-the-ear headphones pads today. Keep reading to find out how.


  • The first step is always to clean your headphones. You want to make sure you’re working with a clean surface, and it allows you to check for possible breaks or other issues.
  • After you’re done cleaning, it’s time to condition any leather that is present. You can skip this step entirely if your headphones don’t have leather parts.
  • Finally, you can cover up those flaky pads. You can’t truly repair them, but you can cover them. All you need is a pair of tights and a rubber band.

Repairing Flaky Headphone Pads

You might have many questions related to headphones, such as “Why do over-the-ear headphones cause headaches?” in this case, we’re sticking to how you can fix a headphone pad in disrepair. All headphone models will eventually fall prey to wear and tear. If yours have finally taken too much damage, there is something you can do to help fix the issue.

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Keeping your ear cushions clean will keep them from suffering as much wear and tear.

STEP 1 Clean Your Pair of Headphones

The first step is to clean your headphone cushions and the surrounding plastic. You want to be working with a clean pair. If you find that they’re broken while cleaning them, you can always learn how to fix broken over-the-ear headphones.

STEP 2 Condition the Headphone Leather

This step is only for those working with headphones with a protein leather coating. You’ll want to use a leather conditioner to ensure they’re in good shape before covering them up. At the end of the day, you might want to give up and just order a pair of replacement headphone pads. If your headphones are beyond saving, you can always look into the best headphones for TV.

STEP 3 Cover Up Flaky Headphone Pads

Once they’re clean, you can cover up those flaky headphone cushions. All you’ll need is a pair of tights and a rubber band. You’ll cut the tights to fit around your headphone cushions and secure that with a rubber band. If you just want to invest in a new pair, you might want to compare the Aftershokz OpenMove vs. the Trekz Air.


Failure to condition the leather of your ear cushions will result in them cracking and peeling.

STAT: According to a 2017 Statista survey, 87 percent of U.S. respondents use their headphones to listen to music. (source)

How to Repair Over-the-Ear Headphones Pads FAQs

Does my headphone warranty cover accidental damage?

Some accidental damage, like damage from water, may be covered under your warranty. You have to check with the manufacturer to see whether this is the case.

How do I install replacement headphone pads?

Installing replacement headphone pads can be a bit of a process. You’ll need some tools, such as a butter knife, flat-edge screwdriver, and more. There are plenty of tutorials for it online.

How can I have a more comfortable experience with my headphones?

There are a few ways to ensure your daily basis usage is comfortable. First, you can invest in a pair with memory foam. You can also get a fabric cover for your headphone pads.

Where can I get a replacement pad for my headphones?

The manufacturer will often sell replacement ear pad sets, as will some big box stores. However, you might have to do a little digging to get the replacement pad necessary for your headphone models.
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