How to Fix a Chromebook Keyboard

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Updated June 27, 2022

If you are new to the world of mini laptops, you may wonder how to fix a Chromebook keyboard. Some of the best keyboards, after all, arrive attached to laptops, and Chromebooks are no exception. So what common problems impact Chromebook keyboards and what are the correct maintenance or repair steps? Keep reading to find out.


  • Chromebook keyboards are susceptible to a variety of maintenance issues, each with its own repair process.
  • Start troubleshooting your keyboard by giving it a good cleaning with a vacuum and a can of compressed air. Next, look at the keyboard settings or advanced settings and make sure the power cords are not frayed.
  • You should also perform a full EC reset, also called an embedded controller to reset or a powerwash reset. Start by holding down the power button to access this powerful reset method.

How to Fix a Keyboard on a Chromebook

Before you can learn how to fix a keyboard, you have to understand the common issues that impact keybeds. Internalizing the following common troubleshooting tips will have you well on your way to learning how to fix keyboard keys and conduct other routine repair tasks.

Insider Tip

You should clean your keyboard regularly even if you are not experiencing any issues.

Clean the Keyboard and Laptop

A dirty keyboard is a malfunctioning keyboard, so take some time to clean and maintain both the keyboard and the laptop it is attached to. When it comes to cleaning keyboards, gentle is the name of the game. Use a can of compressed air to get started and finish it off with a microfiber cloth and a vacuum to clear out any deeply embedded debris. You’d be surprised how often this fixes the problem. Once you are done with the keyboard, use the same microfiber cloth to clean the rest of the laptop.

Perform a Reset

If your keyboard isn’t working, many Chromebooks react well to a process called the EC reset, or embedded controller reset. This is a full hardware reset that will fix any keyboard issue so long as it is related to software and not malfunctioning electronics. Start this process, otherwise known as a powerwash, by holding the refresh and power buttons down for three full seconds. This will reset the computer to its official factory settings, which could fix your keyboard problem.

Access the Warranty

Chromebooks are made by Google and offer a robust and long-lasting manufacturer’s warranty which should cover any keyboard issues. If you are still under warranty, send your laptop in for repairs and let the company pay for it. You’ll get a brand new keyboard without a brand new hole in your bank account.

Use an External Keyboard

When all else fails, simply attach a third-party keyboard to your Chromebook. This may not be the preferred solution for portability’s sake, but it will work. There are many available keyboards that are designed to excel with Chromebook models.


Why is my Chromebook’s keyboard not working?

There are many reasons why you get an unresponsive keyboard. Start by trying the above troubleshooting steps, installing a keyboard protector, and accessing information regarding your warranty period.

How to lock and unlock the keyboard?

One of the more annoying keyboard issues for Chromebooks is when the keyboard becomes accidentally locked. This cannot be solved with the power button. Rather, press control plus shift plus the L key, and your keyboard issues should resolve.

How do you re-attach fallen-off keys on the keyboard?

One of the most common keyboard issues that a hardware reset will not fix is keys that have fallen off. Luckily, this keyboard hardware failure can be fixed by purchasing a replacement kit.

STAT: If you’re using a Windows keyboard with your Chromebook, the Windows key between Ctrl and Alt works as the Search key or the Launcher key. (source)

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