How to Fix Broken Headphones

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Updated June 27, 2022

If you are new to the world of earphone repair, you may wonder how to fix broken headphones. The best headphones, after all, still break upon occasion, requiring repair and maintenance. So what can you do to fix broken headphones? Keep reading to find out.


  • Headphones are prone to all kinds of repair issues, from broken wires, a busted headphone speaker, a broken headphone band, to a loose headphone jack.
  • Many of these issues require professional repair unless you are well-versed with electrical components, electrical tape, and more.
  • If your pair of headphones are still under warranty or are insured, contact the manufacturer to get them repaired for free.

What Common Problems Impact Headphones?

Even the most durable headphones out there are extraordinarily susceptible to all manner of issues, such as frayed wires, broken speakers, damaged connectors, and more. Even Bluetooth receivers fail if you are learning how Bluetooth headphones work. So the better question is, what problems don’t actually impact headphones? There aren’t many.

How Do You Fix Broken Headphones?

Being how there are so many issues that impact headphones, and so many different makes and models, it is tough to give a universally accepted tutorial on how to fix common headphone problems. Some issues are easy enough to resolve, such as learning how to change out rubber earbud tips. Additionally, some are fewer issues and more user errors, like how to wear behind the neck headphones, how to use wireless earbuds, and understanding how your headphones work.

Insider Tip

One good DIY fix involves the damaged rubber tips of earbuds, as these are easily replaceable.

But others are extraordinarily complicated and not for amateurs. To that end, here are some tips to keep in mind to get your headphones working again.

Consult the Manufacturer

Your headphones could be under warranty, so contact the manufacturer before doing anything else. In certain cases, they’ll ask you to mail the broken headphones to their repair center and in five to seven business days, you’ll get the repaired headphones back in the mail. In some cases, they may even replace them with a brand new model for free. If they don’t, there are many more to choose from, like the ones you’ll find in our V-Moda XS on-ear headphone review.

Hire a Pro

Headphone repair is not for the faint of heart. In many cases, it requires soldiering and a clear understanding of electrical components. In other words, contact a reliable and trustworthy pro to repair your broken headphones, especially if they’re a pair of Wicked Audo SOLUS headphones. You definitely want a professional to fix them.

Maintenance is Key

Properly maintaining your headphones before they break is a great way to avoid frustration. Keep them in a dedicated case and be gentle when inserting or removing them from an audio device. Clean them regularly and keep the wires away from curious pets, particularly cats. Also, avoid continuously listening to loud music to protect the speakers.

Buy a New Pair

In the worst case, you’ll have to buy a new pair. Luckily, many makes and models of headphones are particularly budget-friendly, so you don’t have to break the bank to start listening to music again. Of course, the same cannot be said for high-end models like Apple AirPods Pro.


Are your headphones broken?

If you aren’t hearing any sound, then likely. One common issue with modern wireless headphones is an out-of-date headphone driver.

How to fix blown-out headphone drivers?

Fixing a headphone driver is a complicated process, as is fixing a headphone jack. Contact a professional before messing with the headphone cable, the headphone plug, or even adjusting the audio settings.

How to fix Bluetooth headphones with no sound?

If your Bluetooth pair of headphones has no sound, the process is different than with wired headphones. Update the headphone driver and Bluetooth software to see if you can access a stable audio source, as a start.

STAT: Not all issues can be fixed for a reasonable price. Though some services may charge more depending on parts and labor, most typical repairs range from as little as $30 to around $70. (source)

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