How to Fix a Blurry DSLR Camera Lens

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Updated October 26, 2022

If you are new to the world of photography, you may want to learn how to fix a blurry DSLR camera lens. Many of the best digital cameras, after all, are DSLR models, and these cameras are susceptible to blurry lenses. So why fix a blurry lens on the best DSLR cameras, and how do you get the job done? Keep reading to find out.


  • Blur can ruin just about any photo, but it is especially annoying when using a high-end DSLR camera.
  • The broken lens filter is a leading cause of blurry images and the absence of sharp images.
  • Clean the lens carefully and thoroughly with a microfiber cloth, and be on the lookout for mold and fungus. You should also make adjustments to the shutter button, depth of field controls, image stabilization settings, and more. Faster shutter speeds tend to limit blur when compared to slower shutter speeds.

What Causes a Blurry Camera Lens?

When researching a DSLR lens guide, they don’t mention anything about blurring lenses. However, some lenses blur easier than others, even if you have learned how to clean a DSLR camera. Sometimes, even learning how to clean a DSLR lens is not enough to do the trick. Lenses blur for a variety of reasons. It could be lighting conditions if you are learning about DSLR night photography settings or any number of things.

Insider Tip

You should give your lenses a gentle cleaning to ensure a long lifespan even when they are not producing blurry images.

You want to keep the lenses from blurring to take the best photos you can take, as you have likely learned the cost of DSLR cameras and want to make the most out of our investment.

How to Fix a Blurry DSLR Camera

Fixing a blurry DSLR camera comes down to the original cause, so there is no universal method here. However, there are some troubleshooting tips worth considering.

Remove the Lens Filter and Test

Often, the lens filter is the source of blurry images, not the actual lens. Get to the bottom of this problem by removing this lens filter and giving it a thorough inspection. While you are at it, take some photos with the camera without the lens filter to check if the images are still blurry. If not, you know the lens filter is to blame. If still blurry, it is something else causing the problem. If the filter is damaged, it is probably best to replace it instead of repairing it, as filters are not that expensive.

Clean the Lens

A dirty lens is a blurry lens, as they say. Start troubleshooting the issue by giving your lens a good cleaning. Mold and fungus can actually grow on the lens and between the lens and the filter, so practice caution as you clean. Use a dry microfiber cloth and work slowly, inspecting your work every now and again. Replace the lens and take a few photos to see if that resolves the blur issue. If not, get a new camera lens and insert that one into the device.

STAT: Image editing software can marginally fix soft-looking photos. But you will not see a significant improvement if your image is very blurry. (source)

Blurry DSLR Lens FAQs

How do I calibrate a lens?

Get yourself something called a focus pyramid or calibration pyramid, and follow the instructions. This will calibrate the lenses and allow for greater depth of field, increased image stabilization, and more.

Why is my viewfinder blurry?

A blurry viewfinder could be caused by any number of underlying issues, from a stuck shutter button to shallow depth sensors and beyond. A blurry viewfinder does not always translate to blurry photos, as the viewfinder has no impact on the zoom lenses and the like.

Can I manually focus the camera lens?

You can manually focus most cameras, along with adjustment motion blur, slow shutter speed, manual mode, and more. Even the shutter button can typically be adjusted to allow for quicker integration.
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