How to Fix a Blender

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Updated October 9, 2022

Kitchen blenders are a fantastic option when you need to get ingredients mixed up in a hurry. In addition, they are a fantastic choice for slushy drinks and creamy sauces. Unfortunately, like other kitchen appliances, blenders can develop problems that range from common annoyances to critical component malfunction. Yes, that includes the best blenders. So, if your food blender is acting up, you don’t want to be left without this fantastic kitchen tool. If you need to know how to fix a blender, read on, and we’ll walk you through every common issue and possible blender repairs. Additionally, if you are busy and on the go a lot and want to be able to whip up a healthy drink to take with you, you can check out our guide on the top blenders for protein shakes.


  • Kitchen blenders commonly experience power issues, overheating, and leaks from the blender jar.
  • If your manufacturer warranty is still valid, utilize it before picking up your tools.
  • Most blender repairs are simple, but you will have to order parts from a manufacturer or a third-party parts producer.

How is a Blender Supposed to Work?

If everything is working normally, your kitchen blender should blend up most food, like raw vegetables and liquids, pretty easily, especially if you have a high-speed blender. Most conventional blenders are made up of a power cord, blender jar, blender base, and a blender blade driven by a motor shaft. A typical blender should have a speed controller and a long enough appliance cord to reach most areas of your kitchen.

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If you’re dealing with a leaky blender container, the most common cause is not screwing the blades on tight enough.

What are the Most Common Blender Issues?

The most common blender issues include power issues, blender jams, and leaking from the blender container. While some fixes are easier than others, you should be able to take care of most fixes at home with some basic tools. That said, some repairs may require the assistance of an appliance repair service. Also, just like other kitchen appliances, you may have to order some replacement parts from either a third party or the original manufacturer. Additionally, noise can be an issue. If you have one of the top blenders for crushing ice and hate the sound of really loud blenders, you can learn how to make blenders quieter.

Use Your Warranty Before Touching Anything

Before you get started on your blender repair, see if your warranty is intact. If your blender warranty is still active, reach out to your blender’s manufacturer to begin the repair process. Warranties are sometimes voided by unauthorized repair, so make sure your warranty isn’t expired before picking up your tools. The warranty process usually requires a copy of the receipt, but some brands require the original packaging as well.

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You can use a reflector, such as a V-fold or umbrella, to keep bright ambient light at bay.

How To Fix A Blender That Won’t Turn On

If your blender won’t turn on, it is most likely an electrical issue in the blender base. Most models can start blending again with a screwdriver and some new fuses. Before you take things apart, make sure your blender is getting electrical current from the power cord. Measure the electrical current of each switch on your blender base. If you see a low reading, you know which switch is causing the power issue and which one to replace.

How To Fix A Blender That Stops Mid-Use

If your blender is stopping mid-use, that sounds like a blender jam. Blender jams are usually caused by an issue in the blade assembly, motor, or a stubborn piece of food that keeps the blade assembly stuck. Additionally, if you notice your blades are getting dull, you can check out our guide on how to sharpen blender blades. If it’s a hardware issue, experts refer to this issue as an overheated motor. In this case, you should either run your blender at a slower speed or replace the blender motor. You can avoid some issues like blender jams by learning how to clean your blender properly. Good maintenance will prolong the life of your appliance.

How To Stop a Blender Leaking

If you’re dealing with a leaky blender container, the most common cause is not screwing the blades on tight enough. In addition, worn-out seals around the base and lid of the container can contribute to leaks. So, to repair a leaky blender, make sure everything is put together correctly. Then, replace the seals if the leaks continue.


Before you take things apart, make sure your blender is getting electrical current from the power cord.


What can go wrong with a blender?

A kitchen blender can experience a number of issues, from clogged blades to burnt-out electrical contact.

What causes a blender to leak?

If you’re losing liquid from your blender jar, you may have a loose blender lid or worn-out blender seals.

Can a blender overheat?

If your blender is overheating, make sure it isn’t jammed by a tough piece of food. If that isn’t it, make sure you aren’t leaking fluid from the blender container and into the blender motor.

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