Learning how to fix bent pins for an SD card in a top rated digital camera is a career-saving move in digital photography. If the card pins become bent, you won’t be able to get your photos. You should take any sign of physical damage seriously. Luckily, it isn’t too difficult to straighten them out yourself. After you do it a couple of times, you should be golden.


  • Straightening bent pins takes very few supplies and the entire process should take a few minutes at most.
  • There are laptops with built-in computer card readers that save you the hassle of working with a low-end external card reader.
  • If you feel unable to straighten bent card pins yourself, don’t hesitate to call a repair company to see if they can do it for you.

How to Fix Bent Pins for an SD Card in a Digital Camera

Knowing how to fix bent pins for an SD card in a digital camera can save the day when doing any type of photography. Just like other activities such as fixing a flash on a digital camera, or even fixing lines on a digital camera, there are a few steps involved, and they’re all easily accomplished. Don’t be afraid to call a repair company if you don’t feel confident straightening pins yourself. Doing so incorrectly can end in disaster.

Tools Needed: Stiff metal probe, micro pliers, magnifying glass

How to Fix a Bent-Pin Issue

Bent pins are a problem for a few reasons. First and foremost, you might not be able to regain access to your photos until the issue is resolved. Having a USB cable can bypass this, but some cameras might not be compatible with one. The other reason they’re terrible is that your card slot might be picky about any discrepancies in the pins. This is especially true for cheap card readers.

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Knowing how to fix bent pins for an SD card in a digital camera can save the day when doing any type of photography.


The first step is ensuring that you’re working with clean electronics. If you notice excess dirt or grime on your SD card, this could be putting pressure on your pins and causing bends to happen. Having a clean device also ensures that you’re able to see all components clearly.


Use the magnifying glass to help you better assess the damage to the pins. Identify the pins which need to be straightened. If more than a few of them are bent then you might want to think about salvaging the data you can and just getting a new SD card.


Using the micro pliers or any other suitable tool, gently and slowly straighten out the pins. This process can take a few minutes and might feel a bit tedious. However, it’s well worth it to go slow. You don’t want to do any further damage.


The actual test comes during the final step. If you feel that you have reasonably straightened the pin, try and insert it into your external or internal card reader. You’d be able to tell at that point if you were successful.

See a Professional if Necessary

If worse comes to worst, you may need to see a professional. A camera repair shop can answer questions, fix your camera, and maybe even teach you how to fix small problems yourself. You have to be very careful not to break the pins altogether. Doing so can cause permanent physical damage. If you don’t feel comfortable straightening out a pin yourself, the repair cost is well worth it.

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A camera repair shop can answer questions, fix your camera, and maybe even teach you how to fix small problems yourself.


What is the fastest SD card?

There is an endless sea of choices for SD cards. From the micro SD card and up, each one has pros and cons. The fastest SD card is up for debate and depends on what you need precisely. However, SanDisk has what is rumored to be the fastest SD card line out there.

What if my digital camera won’t download photos to PC?

There are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot photos not downloading to your computer. It could be caused by issues such as a bad card reader or a corrupt memory card.

How many pins does an SD card have?

Every SD card has nine pins that transfer information into your device. There are seven pins in the center. The eighth and ninth pins are located on either side of the central seven.

What is a USB card reader?

If you have a camera, you needed a card reader yesterday. These devices allow your computer to read the data on your memory card. An external card reader is what will enable you to transfer photos from your camera to your computer.

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