How to Fix AirPods

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Updated September 16, 2022

If you have a pair of premium headphones like Apple’s AirPods, you may wonder how to fix common AirPod problems. Whether you have first-generation AirPods, the AirPods Max, or AirPods Pro, you might experience occasional hardware issues. Before you pay for service and repair at the Apple Store, see if you can get these top-tier wireless earbuds working with this handy guide. Stick around to learn how to fix AirPods and skip a trip to the Apple Store Genius Bar.


  • Ensure that your AirPods are within Bluetooth range if you experience audio distortion.
  • Try resetting your AirPods and your audio device’s Bluetooth mode to fix temporary connection problems.
  • If your AirPods will not charge, clean the charging ports and AirPods slot inside the charging case.

Common Issues with AirPods

When comparing AirPods vs EarPods, many users appreciate the balanced sound and the convenient charging process of the Apple device. AirPods are also an excellent audio device for listening on the go, and the charging process takes place in a convenient case. Knowing how to turn on earbuds, you can enjoy stereo or mono audio output depending on whether you wear one or both. If you understand how to wear in-ear headphones, they won’t fall out, reducing the chance of them becoming lost. However, if you do lose your earbuds, you’ll need to know how to find AirPods with your Apple Watch or iPhone and the Find My app.

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If your AirPods start to lose stereo balance or behave strangely, consider checking for software updates to repair bugs or problems.

That said, there are some common problems that AirPods owners might experience. From connectivity issues to a broken charging case lid, many may wonder why their earbuds keep breaking. Fortunately, unless you’ve put them through the washing machine, you can fix most AirPods Pro problems in a few steps.

Wireless Connection Issues

Sometimes your AirPods wireless connection can lose stability, even while you’re near your iPhone or computer. Place your AirPods back into the charging case and reset the Bluetooth connection on your audio device. Activate your AirPods, and see if your connection issues persist.

Audio Problems

If you experience audio issues, ensure that you’re within 30 feet of your audio device. Bluetooth has a 30-foot range, but walls, furniture, and people can disrupt the signal. Additionally, Wi-Fi routers and other Bluetooth devices can disturb your AirPods connection.


Many users reported scratchy plastic that made the AirPods 3 uncomfortable for long listening sessions or phone calls.

Shorter Battery Life

AirPods batteries wear down over time, just like other electronic devices. That said, you can turn on Automatic Ear Detection to ensure that the AirPods only play audio while wearing them. Ensure that the ear sensors are clean, or the Automatic Ear Detection feature might not work.

AirPods Won’t Charge

If your AirPods will not charge, use a toothpick or sim card tool to remove dirt, dust, and lint from the charging port. Additionally, you should use dry cotton swabs to clean the AirPods slots in the charging case.

How to Fix AirPods FAQs

What does the status light mean on my AirPods?

A flashing white light means that your AirPods are in pairing mode. Green status light indicates that your AirPods and battery case are fully charged. An amber light shows that your AirPods or case are in the charging process. A flashing amber light indicates an issue, and you may need to reset the AirPods.

What is the range of a Bluetooth-based AirPods connection?

Modern Bluetooth devices offer a 30 – 60 foot range, but obstructions like walls, furniture, and people can disrupt your connection. Most experts recommend keeping your output device within 20 feet of your AirPods for the best audio quality.

Is cleaning AirPods a good idea?

Cleaning your AirPods is an excellent choice because it can help the battery charge efficiently and maintain your audio quality. Additionally, dirty AirPods may play erratically as earwax and dirt cover the ear detection sensors. Use rubbing alcohol and a dry cotton swab to clean the earbuds carefully, but don’t get liquid inside the speaker mesh. You can also employ a soft, dry, lint-free cloth to clean the charging case.
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