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How to Find the IP Address On a Printer

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Printers have been around for much longer than computers. However, today’s best printers are internet-connected, which a lot are still adjusting to. Most of the best all-in-one printers now come with Wi-Fi connectivity, which connects directly to your router. While this option makes certain functions easier, unfortunately, it creates a new opportunity for things to go wrong. However, knowing the printer’s IP address reduces the amount of time it takes to fix connectivity issues.


  • A printer’s IP address is an identifying string of numbers that allows it to connect to a network.
  • Knowing the computer’s IP address is necessary for network setup and handy when encountering connectivity issues.
  • Finding the IP address requires entering a computer’s settings page and locating the IP address in the device properties.

So, stick with us as we show you how to find an IP address on a printer.

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Insider Tip

Sometimes, the IP address in the Windows properties section will be under the “Ports” tab instead of “Web Services.”

How to Find the IP Address on an All-In-One Printer or Any Other

Every internet-connected device has an IP address, a 12-digit identifier that allows a device to connect to the web. Knowing a printer’s IP address is important because it’s required for setup and helps solve connection issues.

Luckily, the ways to identify a printer’s IP address are many and quick to grasp. To do this, you don’t need to know how to disassemble your printer; all it takes is some lightweight technical know-how.

For those needing additional help with a new device, we have an excellent article explaining how to set up an all-in-one printer.

Find IP Address on Windows OS

STEP 1 Enter Device Settings

Open the control panel. Under “Hardware and Sound,” select “Devices and Printers.”

STEP 2 Enter Printer Properties

Find the network printer you’re looking for and right-click. On the drop-down menu, press “Properties.”

STEP 3 Find IP Address

At the top of the menu, select the tab that says “Web Services” and locate the line that gives you the IP address of the printer in question.

Find IP Address on macOS

STEP 1 Enter Device Settings

Open the Apple menu and go into “System Preferences.” Then, press “Printers and Scanners.”

STEP 2 Find the Printer’s IP Adress

Click on the printer you wish to use. When the printer menu pops up, go to “Location” to find the IP address.

Use the Printer Display

STEP 3 Locate Device Properties

Use the printer’s screen to navigate to its settings. Once in the settings, find the wireless settings menu. From there, the IP address should be available to view.

Alternatively, if you need help setting up a hotspot connection, read our guide on how do I connect my wireless printer to my hotspot.


Not all printers have a screen allowing users to access the IP address, meaning it must be found via computer settings.

STAT: IT departments spend nearly 15% of their day handling printer issues. (source)

How to Find an IP Address on a Printer FAQs

Can you hook a printer up to a VPN service?

If the printer can connect to the internet, you can set it up for virtual private network configurations.

What does knowing your printer’s IP address allow you to do?

The IP address of a networked printer allows you to set it up with compatible computers and mobile devices. It also lets you quickly check for connection issues.

Can you change your printer’s IP address?

A VPN or a proxy address can be used to change a networked printer’s IP address.

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