Where Do You Find Cookies on a Computer?

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Updated January 6, 2023

Internet users concerned with consumer privacy and security should understand where do you find cookies on a computer. Browser cookies manage website data to offer a tailored online experience. That said, your PC can develop performance issues if you don’t occasionally manage your cookie files. So, stick around to learn how to find cookies on a computer and continue getting outstanding performance from your system.


  • Cookie files are small text documents that store information like site preferences, login info, and shopping history.
  • Windows users can find cookie files in the Network folder for most major browsers, and macOS users should see cookie files in the Application Support folder.
  • You cannot read cookie files outside of the web browser, so finding cookies in File Explorer isn’t especially useful.

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Insider Tip

You can block third-party cookies by default in your browser’s settings menu to stop zombie cookies from slowing your PC.

Where to Find the Internet Cookies Folder

Cookies are small text files that are stored in your web browser’s cache. Regular text browser cookies are critical to a convenient internet experience. They save website preferences, location info, and other user-specific details.

Generally, there are two kinds of cookies: persistent cookies and session cookies. Session cookies delete themselves after you close the internet browser. Persistent cookies stay in the system’s cache store and contain long-term information like IP address, login credentials, and website preferences.

Additionally, your PC will collect first-party and third-party cookies. First-party cookies are from the webpage or app you are actively using, while third-party cookies come from outside sources and allow for cross-site user tracking. Browser-tracking cookies in ads and websites are especially problematic for user privacy advocates.

Finding the cookies’ location on your PC can help you manage or delete them, clearing potential privacy issues and improving system performance.

Windows PC Cookies Location

  1. Open the Run box
  2. Type “shell:cookie” and press enter.
  3. Alternatively, you can locate cookies files inside the Network folder for most major browsers.

That said, humans cannot read the cookie files in File Explorer, so you’ll need the associated web browser to manage them. For example, if you use Google Chrome, you can navigate to the Cookie Settings for granular control over cached cookies.


Blocking all cookies by default may minimize your privacy concerns, but you will lose having a personalized user experience on the web.

macOS Cookies Location

  1. Type “~/Library/” into the Go To Folder cell in the Finder.
  2. Click on the first result, and navigate to the Application Support folder.
  3. Next, locate the folder for your browser and reveal hidden files by typing Command + Shift + . (the period key).

Keep in mind you cannot read the cookie files from the Library. You should use your preferred web browser to view and manage your cookie files.

STAT: A 2019 Pew Research Center survey showed that 36% of Americans never read a company’s privacy policy before agreeing to it. (source)

Where do You Find Cookies on a Computer FAQs

Are flash cookies still around?

Even though Adobe ended Flash support, you can still encounter flash cookies around the web. Experts advise that you delete these cookies to prevent tracking and targeted content.

What are zombie cookies?

Zombie cookies are a type of cookie that restores itself after a user deletes it. These cookies aren’t stored on your PC, so they’re difficult to remove. Experts recommend blocking all third-party cookies on your internet browser to minimize the risk of zombie cookies.

Should I clear my internet browser cookies?

Clearing your internet cookies can keep your PC optimized and minimize privacy risks. That said, deleting all cookies by default can disrupt your browsing experience. Without some legitimate cookies, your PC won’t remember site-specific preferences or saved passwords.
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