How to Factory Reset A 3D Printer

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Updated February 10, 2023
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Now that many of the best 3D printers are more accessible to consumers, people use them for various jobs and hobbies. And to accomplish these tasks, users often need to adjust the settings to create ideal conditions for their object. However, even the best printers must be reset when heading into the next print job. So, below, we’ll show you how to factory reset a 3D printer.


  • Reverting the printer to its factory settings is essential when updating or changing the print program file.
  • Restoring factory settings is also a common way to solve technical issues, bugs, and connectivity issues.
  • Every 3D printer will have a slightly different rebooting process; therefore, it’s essential to consult your model’s user manual before beginning the process.

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How to Reset a 3D Printer

Similarly, as it’s essential to know how to set up a 3D printer, it’s also necessary to know how to revert to factory settings. Thankfully, most modern 3D printers make the resetting process accessible and quick.

Insider Tip

Always keep your printer’s firmware up to date; this will help avoid many technical issues.

Employing a factory reset can be helpful whenever you are switching the program for a print model, and it can also help solve any software issues. When you do a full factory reset, you return the calibration, data, and any data installed. You can adjust the settings from there to set the printer up for the next job.

It’s important to remember that each model and printer brand has a slightly different method of performing its factory reset. Therefore, always read th3 user-manual handy before trying anything. But, below, we’ve outlined the general process, and the steps should look similar across most print models.

STEP 1 Consult the User Manual

The first thing to do whenever performing a factory default reset is to look at your user manual. The manufacturer will outline your machine’s control panel and help you locate the reset settings.

STEP 2 Locate the Factory Reset Option

Use the printer LCD navigation system or buttons/knobs to locate your factory reset options. Once you find it, execute the factory reset code outlined in your user manual. By doing this, any customized setting you have input will return to its original factory settings.

STEP 3 Check for Successful Reset

Finally, restart your printer after the reset completes and check your printer’s settings to see that they have reverted to their original state.


Restoring a printer to factory settings will remove any customization you have programmed. To reset your printer without losing your custom setting, conduct a soft or hard reboot first.

STAT: FDM printers (which use a plastic filament to create objects) account for almost 50% of all 3D printers. (source)

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