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How to Dispose of an Old Coffee Maker

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Updated August 26, 2022

Learning how to dispose of an old coffee maker might be a bit more complicated than you think. Coffee maker plastic shouldn’t end up in landfills when you have so many options available.


  • The best option is sending appliances for recycling, whether through your waste management provider or other means.
  • A busted coffee maker is in the same class as other electrical items, meaning these household appliances should go to a local appliance recycling center. Even the coffee pot counts.
  • If you can fix your broken kitchen electronics, they become reusable items donated to places like the salvation army.

The pain of waking up and realizing your brew button isn’t working is devastating for any avid coffee drinker. Eventually, even the best coffee maker will turn into a broken or worn-out coffee maker.

Before you toss that busted coffee maker in the trash, read this article to explore better options for disposing of automatic drip coffee makers. And if you want your next coffee maker to have a smaller footprint than your old one, you can check out the best portable espresso makers.

Proper Disposal of Coffee Machines

There are multiple ways you can end up with a broken coffee machine. For example, if you didn’t properly learn how to cook rice in a coffee maker, you can break your appliance.

Insider Tip

Electronic shops will fix small electronic appliances for free, so you can donate them, which keeps their electronic components out of the recycling process.

Getting rid of an unwanted coffee maker is a little more complicated than just throwing it away. Like most electrical appliances, there are specific steps you must take. Even a glass coffee pot is fit for the recycling process.

Always check local recycling laws to see what your options are, and pay attention to the recycling policy of your local waste management company.

Use Local Recycling Programs

  1. Most cities have a recycling center that is open to the public. Taking in appliances for recycling helps keep them out of landfills.
  2. This is crucial for electronic waste, like non-working kitchen appliances. These non-biodegradable items can do severe damage to the environment if not disposed of properly.
  3. Some recycling companies offer curbside recycling in conjunction with your local waste management company. Contact your local recycling facilities to ask about their policies.

Contact E-Waste Companies

  1. If you run into a wall with your waste management provider, don’t give up and put your electronic items in the trash. Instead, look into places that specialize in e-waste materials.
  2. This might feel like quite the task to undertake. However, sending in your coffee maker for recycling is well worth the hassle.
  3. Both metal coffee makers and plastic coffee makers wreak havoc on the environment, so doing what you can to keep them out of landfills is crucial.
  1. Suppose your issue is that you have outdated appliances instead of broken ones. In that case, a donation will help you give back to your community.
  2. Never donate broken kitchen appliances to thrift stores. You should thoroughly clean usable items, as well, including the coffee pot. If you would like, you can follow our article on how to clean your coffee maker naturally before you donate it.
  3. Should there be a simple problem, you may be able to fix non-working kitchen appliances so you can donate them. For example, learning how to fix a coffee maker hot plate is easy.


Glass coffee pots should also be put into the recycling process rather than tossed in the trash.


Are coffee makers e-waste?

All broken appliances that plug into an outlet or have a circuit board are considered e-waste materials. A broken coffee maker falls into this category.

What do I do if my brand new kitchen appliances break?

Most retail stores have an exchange policy for busted kitchen appliances, even if you bought them from online shops. For non-working appliances purchased directly from the manufacturer, contact the brand directly.

What are the best coffee brands?

There are a few manufacturers that consistently create fantastic products. Hamilton Beach and Keurig both come to mind.

Is black coffee good for you?

Many coffee lovers enjoy black cups of coffee, especially when made with high-quality coffee beans. Some studies suggest that a black cup of coffee can stimulate your metabolism and encourage cardiovascular health.

STAT: According to the StEP report, e-waste — which extends from old fridges to toys and even motorized toothbrushes — is now the world’s fastest-growing waste stream. (source)

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