Proper Way To Dispose Of A Hoverboard

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Updated October 17, 2022

Hoverboards are a fantastic personal transportation option for both kids and adults. There may come a time, however, when the device breaks down and needs to be gotten rid of. If you are a first-timer, you may not know how to choose a hoverboard and the best way to dispose of it once you no longer want to use it. That’s where we come in.

How to Properly Dispose of a Hoverboard

First of all, hoverboards should not be thrown in the nearest garbage can or trash bin. These self-balancing scooters tend to include powerful lithium-ion batteries, and it is not a best practice to simply toss one of these batteries in the trash can. You are going to need to recycle the hoverboard, though the process is quite different from recycling aluminum cans and related items.

Tips on Hoverboard Recycling

As stated above, hoverboards are complex pieces of equipment and cannot be thrown in the garbage can, nor should they simply be tossed in your nearest recycling bin. We have assembled some tips to help hoverboard riders properly recycle their boards after they have completely broken down. You can also check out our tips for fixing your hoverboard before making the decision to dispose of your hoverboard for good. We also have a guide on more specific issues, like how to change a hoverboard charging port.

Contact a Local Electronics Recycling Center

The National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) has issued a number of guidelines and requirements as to the proper disposal of hoverboards and their related components. The association’s primary tip was a suggestion for hoverboard owners to take their discarded boards to a local electronics recycling center. These centers exist in most medium-to-large cities. We would recommend a quick Google search of your area or a poke around through the Yellow Pages to find your nearest center.

Local Waste Services Providers

If you do not have ready access to a local electronics recycling center, the NWRA has suggested that hoverboard riders contact nearby waste service providers. Do some Googling and find the phone number for your local city, county, or municipal waste service provider. When you get someone on the phone, ask them if they have the capacity to accept electronic devices that contain lithium-ion batteries. If they are not equipped to handle said batteries, ask for guidance.

Contact a Non-profit

There are a number of non-profit organizations that exist to help consumers get rid of their broken hoverboards and other gadgets that, include lithium battery packs. One such organization is Call2Recycle. Hoverboard owners can call Call2Recycle customer service toll-free at 877-723-1297, and Call2Recycle also offers a free drop-off collection site locator, which can be reached online via Call2Recycle is not affiliated with the National Waste & Recycling Association. Another great resource is the Earth911 recycling search, which can be found at This search engine is designed to locate nearby recycling centers that will accept hoverboard components.

There May be a Fee Involved

As a word of caution, some dedicated electronics recycling centers will charge a small fee in order to properly dispose of a hoverboard and its related components. This fee is generally considered to be nominal.

Reimbursement Programs

Most hoverboard manufacturers have instituted reimbursement programs, wherein the companies will take broken hoverboards off of your hands. Typically, these companies will not charge a fee and will even pony up for the shipping cost. You will have to handle packing up the hoverboard and its components and taking it to the post office. Check the website of your board’s manufacturer to check if they offer one of these reimbursement programs. Now that you have disposed of your messed up hoverboard, are you wanting a new, better one? We have some great resources on how to buy a hoverboard or even how you can win a free hoverboard online. Then, once you are up and riding again, be sure to check out our guide on hoverboard tips and tricks.


Can a hoverboard be thrown in the trash?

Absolutely not. Hoverboards contain sensitive electronic components, plastic, and other materials, including lithium-ion batteries. In other words, they need to be recycled at an electronics recycling center.

Who has to pay for electronic waste recycling?

This depends. For-profit electronics recycling locations will charge a fee to the consumer, whereas non-profit organizations will take the hoverboard and related hazardous materials off of your hands for free.

Where can I find an electronics recycling center?

Most mid-to-large-sized cities feature a number of electronics recycling centers. We would recommend a quick Google search or contacting a non-profit that is dedicated to finding the aforementioned centers. This way, you can be sure of the proper disposal of hazardous waste at a recycling facility.

Why can’t I toss a hoverboard into my recycling bin?

Hoverboards are mixed-component devices. Each board contains a number of electronic components, plastic, rechargeable batteries, and more. Generally speaking, a standard recycling program is not meant to dispose of all of the aforementioned materials at once.

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