How to Disable a Webcam on a Mac

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Updated February 10, 2023
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Even the best webcams can fall victim to nasty hackers. That’s why you must learn how to disable a webcam on a Mac. It is fairly easy to do with only a couple of clicks and some know-how. Ensuring that your webcam is disabled can be the difference between device vulnerability and complete peace of mind.


  • If you’re aware of privacy concerns, you’ll understand the importance of ensuring your webcam cannot spy on you.
  • The first thing you’ll do is navigate to System Preferences on your computer. From there, go into Security & Privacy.
  • Once you have Security & Privacy opened up, you can open up Privacy and then Camera. You’ll be able to disable your camera in this section.

How to Turn Off a Camera on a Mac

Security professionals will tell you that a webcam can be a nightmare for personal privacy. Luckily, disabling the webcam on your Mac is a pretty easy process, just like learning how to disable a webcam on a Windows PC. There are only a few steps involved, so you’ll be able to get up and running in no time. If you still need to invest in a new webcam, try our review comparing the Logitech C920 vs. C930E.

STEP 1 Disconnect Your External Camera

If you use an external camera, you can simply disconnect it, which should be easy if you know how to connect a camera to a Mac. Otherwise, if you’re using a built-in model, read on.

Insider Tip

You can place a piece of electrical tape over your webcam for additional peace of mind.

STEP 2 Open System Preferences

Open System Preferences by using the search feature in your menu bar. Once you have System Preferences launched, navigate to Security & Privacy.

STEP 3 Open the Privacy Settings

From there, you’re going to open up Privacy. Once you’re there, click on Camera. In the Camera section, you’ll be able to check and uncheck different apps to allow or disable webcam access.

Why Privacy Settings are Important

If you have a front-facing camera on your laptop, knowing how to disable and enable webcam access is vital. Hackers are increasingly coming up with innovative ways to access the personal data of the unwary, including using your webcam to spy on you. By ensuring you have the appropriate privacy settings on your computer, you help safeguard your right to privacy and personal information.


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Fortunately, if you know how to enable webcam access, the steps above will be more manageable for you to work through.

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