How to Disable Your Webcam

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Updated August 6, 2022

If you’re a person that thinks privacy settings are crucial, you might shy away from purchasing a webcam, even if it’s one of the best webcams on the market. After reading this article, you’ll know how to disable your webcam, which should give you the confidence you need in your computer’s security system.


  • Having an integrated webcam can lead to a lot of concerns surrounding privacy practices, and being able to disable it empowers you.
  • You can disable and enable your webcam as frequently as needed.
  • To disable your integrated webcam, navigate to the Device and Hardware section in your Device Manager. From there, right-click on the webcam and select “Disable.”

How to Turn Off Your Webcam

While security professionals rave about placing a piece of tape over your webcam, sometimes that isn’t enough for true peace of mind. Webcam access isn’t just limited to you. This is especially true if your system is prone to infiltration or you have general security concerns. It’s better just to ensure you don’t have to worry about anything.

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An external webcam can provide your overall video quality, resulting in a more enjoyable experience.

This article will focus on how to disable your webcam for Windows. If you don’t have Windows OS, you’ll have to learn how to disable a webcam on a Mac. Keep reading if you’re running Windows and don’t want your built-in cameras spying on you.

STEP 1 Open Device Manager

First, navigate to the “Start” button in the bottom-left corner of your screen. When the window opens, search for your “Device Manager” using the search field. Then, select the device manager.

STEP 2 Select Your Webcam

Once Device Manager is open, look for your webcam. It should be listed under the “Device and Hardware” section.


Even if you use electrical tape over your built-in camera, this doesn’t keep you completely safe if your online security is lacking.

STEP 3 Right Click and Choose Disable

Once you see it in the device list, you’ll be able to right-click the webcam and choose “Disable.” When you have your webcam back up and running, you might still want to err on the side of privacy. To accomplish this, you can learn how to create a background for your webcam to keep your actual background hidden.

STAT: 2 percent of all individuals used the internet to make a voice or video call, but usage was higher among those who used the internet within the last three months, at 60 percent. (source)

How to Disable a Webcam FAQs

Is investing in heavyweight security suites worth it?

While some internet security suites are worth it, many of them are filled with bloatware. Make sure you research before investing in any of these protection options.

Should I disable my built-in microphone, as well?

Whether or not you disable your built-in microphone is up to your comfort level. However, if you’re already going through the trouble of avoiding actual webcam spying, you might as well go the extra mile.

Can I disable connected cameras?

Connected cameras are easier to disable than integrated versions, like laptop cameras. You should be able to unplug your external webcam to prevent it from spying on you.

Is webcam spying a threat?

For most people, it absolutely is. Some hackers specialize in this specifically. It’s always better to be safe than sorry about your computer’s security.
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