How to Create a Background for Your Webcam

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Updated August 10, 2022

Even the best webcam can’t save you from a messy room unless you know how to create a background for your webcam. Having a virtual background option at your disposal also means having complete control over your online privacy. But no matter why you want one, keep reading to discover how to create your own.


  • Changing your webcam background is relatively easy and only takes a few minutes, especially if you use a virtual background tool to help.
  • Many websites allow you to create a background replacement image, so it should be easy to create your own.
  • When using an alternate background, you can use a green screen to get a more accurate background match, but it isn’t always necessary.

Creating Virtual Backgrounds for Webcams

Using a virtual background option for your webcam background is an excellent idea if you value your privacy or just want to have more professional video meetings. There are several ways to create a custom background, depending on your skill level and comfort with tech. We’ll go over the easiest two methods so that you can have a few tools in your box to work with. Either is easy for a beginner, and you shouldn’t have any trouble.

Insider Tip

In a pinch, you can use a blue screen instead of a green screen.

Learning more about your webcam empowers you to have the best video calls experience possible. For example, knowing how to check webcam resolution will help immensely in the future. Knowing how to disable a webcam will come in handy if you’re worried about privacy in general. You should also learn how to check webcam history.

Use a Green Screen

For a spotless background, try investing in a green screen. This actual background you physically set up allows you to cleanly separate from the physical background and insert a virtual one instead. While there are ways to do this digitally, the result will never be as clean as with a green background screen. You’ll also be able to apply special effects more easily and use video sources.

You’ll still need to use a virtual background option, however. This allows your webcam video to display a stock photo or video file instead of just a flat green background.

Try a Virtual Background Option

Instead of using a green screen, you can digitally remove yourself from the background. Many webcams offer this in their settings, so read your manufacturer’s instructions to figure out how to do it with yours. You can choose between a wide range of options, including forest, sky, and beach scenes.

Several conferencing applications or software will allow you to use background removal software to make things easier.


A virtual background tool will not give you as clean a result as a green screen.

Whether you use a green screen or not, a virtual background option is perfect for hiding your actual background. This is one of the best options for background replacement if you’re a beginner since you don’t need the extra equipment.

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How to Create a Background for Your Webcam FAQs

Will a virtual background feature cause my computer to lag?

A virtual background feature shouldn’t cause your computer to lag, but it depends on your chosen method. Turning on a virtual background in your video.

How can I look my best on a webcam?

If you’re wearing make-up, make sure it’s tailored to the camera. You should always aim for a slightly downward angle looking into the camera because this tends to be a more flattering view.

What is the best platform for virtual meetings?

There are several leading platforms for conference calls and other meetings, including Google Meet, Slack, and Zoom.

How can I get unlimited personalization options for my background?

Using background removal software and a green screen is your best bet to have unlimited options for customization. You can essentially replace your background with anything.
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