How to Connect a Wireless Keyboard

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Updated February 10, 2023
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For many, wired keyboards are being phased out. Now, hordes of consumers find that wireless devices are the best keyboards suited for their lifestyle. But setup can be confusing for those who’ve never used wireless technology. That’s why we’re providing clear and simple steps for how to connect a wireless keyboard below so that you can get on with your typing.


  • Wireless keyboard models have become popular among office workers, gamers, and travelers.
  • For each keyboard, the pairing process will look slightly different. But establishing a connection requires inserting the USB receiver, ensuring the keyboard is in pairing mode, and following any on-screen instructions.
  • Always check the battery life of your wireless device because a low battery can cause the keyboard to run slowly.

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How to Connect a Wireless Keyboard to a Computer

The process of making a wireless keyboard connection is super simple. First, however, you need to understand the layout and settings for both your keyboard and connecting device to do it properly. It’s also good to know that the process often differs from model to model since how to connect a keyboard to a Mac is different than connecting one to a Windows computer. Still, the following steps provide a general foundation of what you need to know to connect your keyboard.

Insider Tip

Sometimes, if your keyboard isn’t working, it means you need to update your keyboard drivers. To do this, go into your computer’s device manager and check for updates.

And if you find that your keyboard is on the fritz, we have a guide that explains how to reset a keyboard.


Make sure that there are fresh batteries in the wireless keyboard. Some models come with a built-in rechargeable battery. For these, make sure it’s at full battery power before connecting by checking the battery life indicator.


Place the wireless receiver into the computer’s USB port. Also, make sure the computer is on.


Then, turn on the keyboard’s power switch.


After you turn on the power, this should start the pairing process and establish a wireless connection. Sometimes, you must confirm that you are using a wireless device. If a message comes up on your screen, press “confirm.”


Although it’s a rare occurrence with wireless keyboards, anytime you use a wireless signal, you increase your chances and risk of being hacked.


Test the connection by typing something with your keyboard to confirm that it’s fully paired. If it isn’t working, check the battery and reinsert the USB receiver into the USB port.

STAT: The average max range for a wireless connection to work is about 10 feet from the computer. (source)


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