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How to Connect a Water Line to a Coffee Maker

Updated: Jul 5, 2023 6:09 PM
How to Connect a Water Line to a Coffee Maker
Difficulty Hard
Steps 9
Time Required 30min – 1hr
Tools Needed

Learning how to connect a water line to a coffee maker is much easier than you might think. This modern design allows you to enjoy a cup of coffee with minimal effort, which is something most appreciate first thing in the morning.


  • First, figure out whether your coffee brewer already has a plumb kit. If your model does not, then you’ll need to purchase one from a major retailer.
  • From there, read the instructions the manufacturer provides with the installation kit closely. Follow the steps exactly as directed.
  • If you’re worried about the presence of minerals in your water source, use a water filter to counteract this.

If you’ve already invested in the best coffee maker for your lifestyle, you don’t need to worry about buying a new model. A wide range of automatic coffee machines works perfectly for this purpose. Today, we’ll focus directly on the Keurig models since many come ready for water line direct connections. Also for more convenience, be sure to learn how to program your coffee maker.

Why Use a Water Line Connection with Coffee Makers?

Coffee makers with water line access still require you to measure out coffee grounds and begin the brew. Aside from that, they require minimal effort. Typically, you’ll use this method for a commercial coffee maker in a coffee shop or in an office setting.

Insider Tip

Commercial espresso machines are expensive and bulky, so if you’re looking for a similar experience, look into Moka pots.

Recent developments have opened the option up for your non-commercial coffee maker right at home. You may hesitate to use harsh chemicals since there’s a direct line to your water supply. If so, you can learn how to clean your coffee maker naturally. And if your machine has the option, you can learn about how self-cleaning coffee makers work to help you keep them performing optimally.


Check your model for a plumb kit. The rule of thumb is that any Keurig model includes a “P” will since the “P” stands for plumbing. These are a few acceptable models:

  • K3000
  • B150P
  • K150P


The easiest way to hook into a dedicated water supply is to use the fridge water. To do so, make sure you have an area set up next to it that’s friendly for coffee makers. Get your plumbing kit ready, and read the instructions.


If the home brewer or commercial coffee maker you’re using doesn’t, that’s fine. You can purchase one separately. This method will require the replacement of any current water reservoirs.


First, unplug the power supply to avoid electrocution during this process. After that, the draining of water reservoirs is next.


Remove the water tank by simply pulling it up from the base. You’ll then flip over the machine and take out the screws on the bottom.


After this, you’ll take off the connector cover. You can find this on the side of the Keurig. Keep the screw in a safe place for later.


Now, you’ll follow the instructions of the kit to connect your commercial coffee maker or home brewer to the refrigerator water. Make sure to turn on the shutoff valve to avoid flooding.


If you’re worried about hard water, use a water softener. A water filter is a great addition to keep the flow of water going strong.


You should have your water line direct connections hooked up with your brewing system. Grab one of your coffee pods, pop it into the machine, and have a test run. If you’re looking for more to do with your brewer, you can learn how to boil water in a coffee maker or you can even learn how to cook rice in a coffee maker for extra help when cooking.


When cleaning your appliance, always pay close attention to the crevices in your drip tray. This is a breeding ground for bacteria and should be soaked at least once a week.


What should I consider before purchasing a water line kit?

The first thing to figure out is whether you’ll do the installation yourself. You can use a water line plumb kit, or you can hire a professional service. Your comfort level will dictate which option is better.

How do coffee makers with a water line work?

Essentially, these appliances work by tapping directly into your water supply. That means you no longer have to fill a water tank before you hit the brew button.

Can any type of coffee maker attach to a water line?

For a regular standalone brewer, you still have to measure out ground coffee. While you can use a wide variety of types, non-commercial Keurig coffee brewers are the go-to for convenience at home.

Can I use tap water with my coffee-making appliance?

Absolutely, and most people do. If you have hard water that leads to mineral deposits, use a water softener. If you have hard water, it may be better to use distilled, fresh water.

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