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How to Connect a Keyboard to an iPad

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A coveted quality in some of the market’s best keyboards is that they can be connected to all devices. And one specific type of device that’s increasingly used for all kinds of work is tablets. So, if you’re having trouble pairing your devices, read on as we explain how to connect a keyboard to an iPad.


  • Connecting a Bluetooth keyboard to an iPad is a great way to increase productivity.
  • You can easily connect any Bluetooth keyboard by accessing the iPad’s settings app.
  • Once connected, users can easily switch between the iPad’s virtual and connected mechanical hardware keyboard.

Also, for those interested, we offer more general resources on how to connect Bluetooth keyboards or how to disable a laptop keyboard.

How do You Connect a Keyboard to an iPad

Understanding how wireless keyboards work can be difficult for those who have never used them before. In short, a wireless keyboard establishes a signal through a receiver, and that signal carries information from the keyboard to the computer or tablet.

There are several types of keyboards available, so you’ll be able to find one that fits your needs. If you want to learn more about specific wireless keyboard models, we have a great Microsoft Wedge Mobile keyboard review you can read. You can also check out our comparison of the Logitech Combo Touch vs a Magic Keyboard.

Insider Tip

With a Lightning-to-USB port adapter, you can plug a wired keyboard into your iPad. The same is true for a wireless keyboard that uses a USB-RF receiver.

Connecting a physical keyboard to an iPad is an easy task and super helpful if you need to accomplish work otherwise hard to do with the iPad’s on-screen keyboard. However, there is a specific process to connecting a physical keyboard that we will outline below. And for another easy but necessary task that all Apple users should learn, you can check out how to clean a Macbook keyboard.


Turn on the Bluetooth keyboard via the power button. If the keyboard was already on, switch the device off and on again. Doing this should set it up for discovery mode.


Enter into the device’s settings app on your iPad.


Head into your Bluetooth device options. If nothing comes up, make sure your iPad’s Bluetooth discovery mode is turned on.


For those planning on doing any intense gaming on your iPad, it’s essential to know that Bluetooth keyboards don’t offer the best connection speeds, and you’d be better off with a wired keyboard.


Select the keyboard you wish to use from the list of wireless keyboard options that pops up.


Sometimes, you will have to enter an authorization code. If this comes up, type in the code and hit enter.


To return to the virtual software keyboard, turn off the Bluetooth keyboard. It should revert automatically.

STAT: The average connection range for a Bluetooth keyboard is about 32 feet. (source)


How can you check the battery power left on your Bluetooth keyboard?

Swipe down at the top of the screen. This action will show the battery power left for each Bluetooth-connected device.

What should I do if my iPad keyboard stops working?

If the virtual keyboard stops working, you can try restarting the iPad. If that doesn’t fix it, check for software updates. If you’re using an external keyboard, disconnect and reconnect it. Also, look at the magnetic connection keyboard connection port for anything that may be keeping it from connecting to your keyboard.

What is the benefit of using an external keyboard with an iPad?

Using an external keyboard allows you access to keyboard shortcuts. It’s also typically much quicker and more comfortable for extended periods than the virtual keypad.

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